4.8 billion people watched Hilda Baci break Guinness World Record – Report

4.8 billion people watched Hilda Baci break Guinness World Record – Report

A media intelligence report published by P+ Measurement Services, a leading Media Intelligence Consultancy, revealed that Hilda Baci’s attempt to enter the Guinness World Records as the person with the longest cooking period captivated an audience of over 4.8 billion.


Key findings of the report
How people watched: The findings of the survey shed light on the crucial role played by digital media, which accounted for an impressive 87% of the overall traction. Traditional media, on the other hand, garnered a mere 13% of the attention.


Where people watched from: The event gained tremendous media coverage from different countries, with Nigeria taking the lead at 67%, followed by the United States at 15%. The United Kingdom, Ghana, and Canada secured 4%, 3%, and 1% of the media coverage, respectively. Other countries displayed varying levels of interest and coverage.

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How the media reported: The report also provided insights into the sentiment surrounding the cook-off, revealing that 85% of the media coverage carried a positive sentiment.

This positive reception serves as a potential asset for Hilda Baci in building brand loyalty and enhancing audience engagement. The remaining 15% represented the negative sentiment, which indicates that any concerns or issues raised during the event were promptly and effectively addressed.

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