40% of Nigerian married men are bi-sexual – Halima Abubakar

Halima Abubakar, a successful Nollywood actress, took to her social media account a few days ago to send a cryptic message that set the internet agog as many of her friends and followers read meanings to the post.


Basically the actress wrote, “Do not blame people who jump from one person to another. There are times when what they really want is another guy. Don’t get worse. Keep tuned and carry on.

The Kogi state born actress revealed her explanation for the mysterious message in an exclusive chat with Punch. She revealed that around 40 per cent of Nigerian married men are on the “down-low” (bi-sexual).


She said, “In Nigeria, we have over 40 per cent of down-low (bi-sexual married men), whether you want to believe it or not. Unfortunately they don’t really know their children. Instead of hurting their families, infecting them with various diseases and ending up killing their wives or themselves because they’re afraid of opening up, I believe they should be honest and reasonable about their needs and putting it first of all.


“I meet so many married couples, and they are bi-sexuals. I say this because it’s the reality and those who respond are the guilty ones. Tell me why a guy would randomly change girls? How exactly do they look for if he isn’t a man? The Nigerians do not recognize the facts because we are half hypocrites.

“I ‘m telling you Halima Abubakar many men are bi-sexual. By coming out they should save the lives of future children, they should not get married if they don’t want to come out.

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She continued, “They can afford surrogacy if they just want to have a child. You won’t believe some of these people have nine kids, tell me what they just want nine kids to go and end up with a guy. That is destroying the life of someone.

“For a long time now I’ve been hinting about it and I just wanted to say it like this.”

40% of Nigerian married men are bi-sexual – Halima Abubakar

The mother of one denied claims that her remark was addressed to her long-time mate, Tonto Dikeh, while some blogs speculate that statements like that were dumb.

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“Is she a guy? The people who said that are really dumb. Why could they even discuss Dike Tonto? Please let them stop putting on stuff like this with my name. She is somebody I’ve known for over 15 years, why am I just going to write about her because it’s not a birthday write or a congratulatory message. Look, in my life, I don’t make enemies and she is one of the people I’ll never do anything about anywhere in my life. You know I’m articulate, I’ll ask you, or call you if I have a problem with you. I’m that brazen so why would I threaten a friend indirectly?“ Said the Thespian.


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