5 Mobile Apps to Help Track Birth Control

5 Mobile Apps to Help Track Birth Control

Tracking your cycles and birth control is important, and these apps for iOS and Android make it simple.

Keeping track of your menstrual cycle, birth control medicine, and fertility should be an important part of your life, especially if you want to better understand your body. You could use traditional methods to track your birth control, but now it is as simple as downloading a smartphone app.

5 Mobile Apps to Help Track Birth Control
Mobile apps for tracking birth control

There are a couple of useful apps that can help you when it comes to family planning, whether you want to try to get pregnant or avoid it. Below are some of the best app options to help track birth control.

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1). Natural Cycles
Natural Cycles is one of the best apps around if you need a helping hand tracking your birth control, planning a pregnancy, or monitoring your pregnancy. Even better, it is the first FDA-approved birth control app.

Looking for an awesome pregnancy tracker app? Use the Natural Cycles app’s pregnancy option to watch your pregnancy throughout your different trimesters. If you choose to use Natural Cycles to keep track of your birth control, the app lets you know which days you’re likely fertile by changing the color of the days on your monthly calendar.

It’ll then remind you to use protection or abstain on those days if you want to avoid pregnancy or do the opposite if you want to become pregnant. You can even see your cycle summary in great detail including the different phases, and ovulation window as well as log your moods and pain levels.

Remember, it’s best to add your temperature and LH test results to the Natural Cycles app every morning to get the most accurate readings on your fertility. Additionally, Natural Cycles also includes a library of birth control-related blog posts, guides, quizzes, and definitions.


2). Ease: Birth Control Reminder
Download Ease if you’re looking for a straightforward and easy-to-understand app to help you track your birth control. The Ease app lets you track your birth control, no matter the method, whether you’re using anything from a IUD device to a birth control implant.

To get started you need to add your primary contraceptive method to the Ease app and how often you use it. From there you can include any benefits you’ve noticed based on the birth control method you’re using like lighter cramps and a better mood. In addition, you can also keep a log where you can track your daily activity and any noticeable symptoms.

If you’re on the pill, for instance, and you want to avoid falling pregnant, Ease monitors your protection status based on your birth control use such as if you’ve missed taking your pill in the last week. Apart from tracking your birth control, the Ease app offers a friendly and supportive community, and you can even speak to a doctor online.


3). Birth Control Reminder
Tracking your birth control is super important if you want to reduce the risk of falling pregnant or if you want to plan for a future pregnancy. The Birth Control Reminder app is the perfect tool to help women monitor their contraception and reduce the risk of ever forgetting to take it.

Use the app to add reminders, so you get a quick pop-up notification when you need to take your contraception or when you need to replace it. Once you’ve taken your contraception for the day, you can check it off and add any notes, symptoms, or moods.

Sadly, the app only caters to people who use three specific types of birth control—pill, patch, or ring. With that in mind, it’s best to opt for another app, like Ease, if your method of birth control is not one of these three.

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4). Ovia
Ovia is a completely free and user-friendly tracker app that makes it simple to monitor your fertility and track your menstrual cycle. What makes Ovia different from other apps is that it also allows you to track so many of the important details about your cycle.

As an example, you can track anything from your mood, symptoms, and mental wellness to your basal body temperature, sleep, weight, and daily nutrition. In addition, you can go further in-depth about your specific symptoms like what part of your body they’re affecting such as your chest and back or pelvic area.

With regard to birth control, the app gives you a personalized fertility score between 1 and 10. The higher the score, the more likely you are to fall pregnant, so be sure to be aware of your score based on if you want to conceive or not. What’s more, the Ovia app even provides a handy fertility chart and a community where you can post or answer important questions.


5). Medisafe Pill & Med Reminder
Medisafe is the ultimate tracker app to ensure you never forget to take your medication again. And because birth control pills are one of the most common and most effective contraceptive methods, tracking them is simple in this app.

Whether you’re taking a common birth control pills brand like Seasonique and Enpresse or something else, you’re bound to find it on Medisafe. However, even if you can’t find the pill you’re taking on Medisafe’s massive list of medications, you can just add it manually.

To add your birth control pill to the app, tap the plus icon and type in the name of your medication. From there you can add why you’re taking it, how often you take it, how many pills you take, as well as any instructions or refill reminders. What’s more, you can use Medisafe to keep a schedule of your doctor’s and healthcare providers’ information and appointments.

Additionally, Medisafe is a wonderful app that can help people living with bipolar disorder, particularly those who need a little help to manage and track their bipolar disorder medications.


Use Your Smartphone to Help You Monitor Your Birth Control
You cannot ignore the importance of knowing your body, regardless of where you are in your life cycle. From pills and patches to IUD devices and birth control shots, what type of birth control you use depends on you as a person. So if you’re trying to abstain from pregnancy or if you’re trying to conceive, tracking your birth control is key.

There’s an app for just about every aspect, from tracking your period to monitoring your fertility. That being said, these handy smartphone apps can help you stay on top of your birth control and so much more! [MakeUseof]

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