7 Things Guys Think About When On Top of a Lady During S3x

Why A Woman May Urinate During Sex

7 Things Guys Think About When On Top of a Lady During S3x: You might not have noticed this but whenever you’re on top, he finds himself actually thinking about a whole lot of things you really can’t imagine.

Girl on top requires the least amount of physical effort on the end of your guy, hence, he is free to do as he pleases while you take charge with the pace and depth.

Girls on top are also one of the best positions that allow a girl to take it all in while she gives the guy the opportunity to play with anything he sees.

Here are 7 crazy things guys mostly think about when they’re ridin’ dirty. Trust me, they may be very awkward.

  1. “This is really nice”

A lot of guys are likely to initiate the cowgirl position when they are tired and most often when they are on the brink of premature ejaculation. He is probably going to say, ‘this is a nice break’ while you take charge.

  1. “B00bs”

Oh yeah, there is no other position that affords such amazing optical access to touch as your dearly, please.

  1. “What should I do with my hands?”

There is a whole lot of things you can do with your hands so I wonder why you are still asking what to do. Clit0ral play, play with her hair, hold hands, b*tt cheeks and others.

  1. “I can stay like this all day”

Talk about lazy s3x position, this is the best s3x position and you know it’s true.

  1. “Please don’t break my di*k”

Guys hardly talk about it, but in the back of their mind, they fear something wrong could happen while you’re on top. One wrong move and it’s over for our peen.

7 Things Guys Think About When On Top of a Lady During S3x
7 Things Guys Think About When On Top of a Lady During S3x
  1. “I wish I had a camera right now”

While you might argue that such a position isn’t super flattering, it’s a big deal for him because your expression is just so amazing as you continue to take all in and pace.

  1. “My turn again”

Being on top is the best position for ladies to have orgasm however, sometimes it happens too quick for them while he is still in the mood for more. Once you’re done, he wants to take control.

So calm down and make best use of your time.

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