7 things Men Should Do After Sèx To Keep Their Private Part Healthy

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Sèx is an important part of any healthy relationship, (i mean couple) but as a man it is especially important to be mindful of the after effects of sèxual intercourse. A man should take certain steps to ensure that his privates remain healthy and safe after sèx. Here are some tips on what men should do after sèx to keep their private parts healthy.


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So here is what to do after:


The first thing a man should do after sèx is to urinate. This is important for several reasons. First, urinating can help flush out bacteria and semen, which can help reduce the chances of urinary tract infections. Additionally, it can help remove excess lubricant, which can cause irritation or infection if left behind.


Clean Up

Once a man is done with urinating, it is important to clean up the genitals and surrounding area. Any lubricant, sèmen, and excess sweat can easily lead to irritation and bacteria growth. A mild, soap-free cleanser is recommended for this purpose. Additionally, a damp cloth is recommended to gently clean the area and remove any bacteria or irritants that may be present.


Vacuum The Area

Once a man has cleaned the area with a mild cleanser, it is important to vacuum the area. Vacuuming helps remove any residual bacteria, lubricants, and other particles, which can cause irritation and infections if left behind. A mild vacuum cleaner should be used for this purpose, as it is designed to be gently on the skin.



After vacuuming, a man should apply a light moisturizer to the pènis and surrounding area. This will help soothe any irritation and dryness that may have been caused by the sèxual activity. Additionally, it can help reduce the chances of bacteria and fungal growth. If possible, opt for an all-natural, unscented moisturizer, as these tend to be gentler on the skin and don’t contain any irritating ingredients.


Wear Boxer Shorts

In order to keep the area clean and well-ventilated, it is important to wear boxer shorts. This is because tight underwear can create an environment that is prone to yeast and bacterial growth. Additionally, boxer shorts are usually more comfortable for the man to wear, adding to the overall post-sèx experience.


Don’t Share Rags Or Towels

It is important to not share rags or towels that were used to clean up after sèx. This is to prevent any spread of bacteria from one partner to the other. Additionally, the rags and towels should be rinsed out in hot water and detergent after each use to extend the life of the fabric.


Visit Your Doctor

It is recommended to see a doctor regularly for check-ups, especially after a period of intense sèxual activity. This is to ensure that the area is healthy and to receive any necessary treatments. Additionally, a doctor can check for any sèxually transmitted infections that may have been contracted and can provide advice on how to prevent any further infections.

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