74 Political parties removed by electoral commission

74 Political parties removed by electoral commission

74 Political parties de-registered by electoral commission


The Independent National Electoral Commission, on Thursday , deregistered 74 political parties , The report stated.


Here is the full list:

El-Blends elblends

AAP – Advanced Allied Party
ABP – All Blending Party
ACD – Advanced Congress Of Democrats
ACPN – Allied Congress Party Of Nigeria
AD – Alliance For Democracy
AGA – All Grassroots Alliance
AGAP – All Grand Alliance Party
ANDP – Advanced Nigeria Democratic Party

ANN – Alliance For New Nigeria
ANP – Alliance National Party
ANRP – Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party
APA – African People Alliance
APDA – Advanced People ’s Democratic Alliance
APN – Alternative Party Of Nigeria
ASD – Alliance Of Social Democrats
AUN – Alliance For A United Nigeria
BNPP – Better Nigeria Progressive Party
CAP – Change Advocacy Party
CC – Coalition For Change
CNP – Change Nigeria Party
COP – Congress Of Patriots
DA – Democratic Alternative
DPC – Democratic People’ s Congress
DPP – Democratic People ’s Party
FDP – Fresh Democratic Party

FJP – Freedom And Justice Party
GDPN – Grassroots Development Party Of Nigeria
GPN – Green Party Of Nigeria
HDP – Hope Democratic Party
ID – Independent Democrats
JMPP – Justice Must Prevail Party
KP – Kowa Party
LM – Liberation Movement
LPN – Legacy Party Of Nigeria
MAJA – Mass Action Joint Alliance
MDP – Modern Democratic Party
MMN – Masses Movement Of Nigeria
*MPN – Mega Party Of Nigeria*
MRDD – Movement For The Restoration And Defence Of Democracy
NAC – National Action Council
NCMP – Nigeria Community Movement Party
NCP – National Conscience Party
NDCP – Nigeria Democratic Congress Party
NDLP – National Democratic Liberty Party
NEPP – Nigeria Elements Progressive Party
NFD – Nigeria For Democracy
NGP – New Generation Party Of Nigeria
NIP – National Interest Party
NPC – Nigeria People ’s Congress
NPM – New Progressive Movement

NUP – National Unity Party
PDC – People For Democratic Change
PDM – People ’s Democratic Movement
PPA – Progressive People ’s Alliance
PPC – Providence People ’s Congress
PPN – People’ s Party Of Nigeria
PPP – People’ s Progressive Party
PT – People’ s Trust
RAP – Reform And Advancement Party
RBNP – Re- Build Nigeria Party
RP – Restoration Party Of Nigeria
SNC – Save Nigeria Congress
SNP – Sustainable National Party
SPN – Socialist Party Of Nigeria
UDP – United Democratic Party
UP – United Patriots

UPC – United People’ s Congress
UPN – Unity Party Of Nigeria
UPP – United Progressive Party
WTPN – We The People Nigeria
YDP – Young Democratic Party
YES – Young Electorates Solidarity
YP – Youth Party

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