A Lady was mocked for buying Wedding Gown before Engagement

A Lady was brutally mocked for buying wedding dress before she’s engaged to ‘get ahead’.


The woman took to Facebook to share the good news that her boyfriend had bought her a promise ring, and to celebrate she had purchased herself a wedding dress – but she was mocked.


Sometimes posting things online can be that life long suicidal journey.

The wannabe bride explained that her partner had surprised her with a gorgeous promise ring out of the blue.


Excited by the idea of getting married to the love of her life, she decided to get the ball rolling and buy herself her dream dress in time for the big day – whenever that may be, reported Daily Star.


She shared her happy news on Facebook alongside a picture of the gown she chose, but users were quick to criticise her for jumping the gun.

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She wrote: “So um I have some exciting news! I got my wedding dress today.

“Technically not engaged yet, but I have a promise ring. I wanted to go ahead and start the process.


“But I wanted to share my joy with y’all lovely ladies!!!”

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Alongside her message were four pictures of the stunning floor-length lacy dress with corset-style bustier and long trail.

A Lady have been mocked for buying Wedding Gown before Engagement
A Lady was mocked for buying Wedding Gown before Engagement

But instead of congratulating the woman on her purchase, she was criticised for “getting ahead of herself”, with one person even labelling her “Bats*** crazy”.

One person said: “The dress is beautiful but you probably shouldn’t get ahead of yourself.


“Unless you have a ‘we will engaged when I save this much money’ or some agreement like that.


“Could be sitting in the closet for a long time.”

Another sarcastically added: “What a beautiful dress for someone who is not engaged.”


And a third accused the woman of being: “Bats*** crazy”.


Awon Alabosi!

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