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A Letter to Anambra State Oppositions

A Letter to Anambra State Oppositions

Dear oppositions, lamentation and brawl do not win political powers and position, only strategy can give you victory.

Like the little child who turned topic in the media space after he had advised his angry mother who tried punishing him for his misdemeanor to instead be calming down, he reclined on the couch to demonstrate to the mother how she would relax, the oppositions in Anambra State should be claiming down just like the innocent looking young boy would advised the mother.

The opposition should be told in plain language that wailing into a new year, won’t gift them power nor intimidate the Government of the day not to ensure needed peace and orderliness in the State.

A Letter to Anambra State Oppositions
A Letter to Anambra State Oppositions

Even if these political elements wish to live and wine in an insane society, Anambra under the watch of APGA should be exonerated because any attempt by the association of wailers to classify Anambra as such would be met with stiff action.

The many political grandstanding in the media space, to box the administration of Willie Obiano is nothing but a fruitless conversation by mere initiates.

Present events have shown that these group of noisy neighbours are bereft of strength to wrestle power, rather they prefer rushing to the media space only to inundate their audience with litany of lies just to garner inconsequential sympathies while ignoring the popular saying that power is not a piece of cake that can be given to anyone without considerable push and willingness to wrestle.

There have been many half baked stories in the media space which according to them, the Government of Anambra State led by Governor Willie Obiano hijacked community elections in the State, these are nothing but tales for the sick, blind and mentally unstable and I do not expect discern ndị Anambra to buy into such misleading and sponsored attacks by few power mongers, and leprosy stricken gladiators wishing to move into Agu Awka through the back and using the media to incite unrest.

Under the watch of Governor Willie Obiano, Ndị Anambra have witnessed community development, peace and security across the entire communities in the State, this wouldn’t have been achieved if the Governor had not ensured an organised system of community based leadership in the various communities and maintained cordial relationships with same community leaders regardless of political interest.

Many communities who had their elections in the State during the last Christmas and New year and followed the laid down procedures by the Government had their elections concluded and certified authentic, those who planned on causing havoc, and unrest, attracted the Government to halt possible backlash, hence losers of the said plot began their wailing in a terrible manner and now crawling in the media space to vent their frustration in a fashioned template.

Every community in the State are under the watch of the Governor – hence, the Government can not fold her arms and watch elements destroy these institutions due to their greed and quest for power through the back door in guise of demanding for democracy when they themselves are not democratic.

The Government acted in her best interest to ensure there was No breakdown of laws and order in the various communities where temporal leaders were appointed pending till all rancour in the community settles.

Wailing has not won political positions and won’t thrive in Anambra State, those opposition elements who wish to cash in on the half baked lies of Anambra State Government hijacking community elections in the State have already started the guide and process of Gubernatorial victory for APGA party when INEC finally fix date for the 2021 Elections.

A Letter to Anambra State Oppositions
A Letter to Anambra State Oppositions

The community peace, security and organised leadership in Anambra State Town Union system can not be compromised, sponsoring attacks and inciting violence in the media space will be a fruitless venture, ndị Anambra are not ingrates and would always recognise the exploits of the Governor in transforming Anambra State across all sectors.

Uloka Chukwubuikem
[email protected]

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