A UUTH Nurse was beaten by a Police officer because his wife died.

A UUTH Nurse was beaten by a Police officer because his wife died.

A UUTH Nurse was beaten by a Police officer because his wife died. – – A nurse at the University of Uyo Teaching Hospital (UUTH), Akwa Ibom State was allegedly beaten by a police officer because his wife died.


The policeman who didn’t know how best to pass his aggression, pain and anger, furious, and citing an alleged negligence of the part of the nurse, allegedly called officers who beat, stripped and manhandled the health worker.

In reaction, health Professionals in Akwa Ibom State are threatening to withdraw all its services if its demands are not met by the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) in the state.


The Heath professionals comprise: Nigerian Medical Association ( NMA), Pharmaceutical Society Of Nigeria (PSN), National Association Of Nigerian Nurses And Midwives (NANNM), and Association Of Medical Laboratory Scientists Of Nigeria (AMLSN).


In a Friday statement jointly signed by the State chairmen of the medical bodies — Dr Nsikak Nyoyoko, NMA Chairman; Dr Akwaowoh Akpabio, PSN Chairman; Comrade Patrick Odu, NANNM Chairman; and Comrade Emilia Eleazar, AMLSN Chairman — the health professionals are demanding an apology from the NPF over the assault on a nurse at the UUTH.


“On Wednesday, we reported an incident at the UUTH … a nurse was severely beaten by officers of the NPF after a female patient – wife to a police officer — passed away.”

“The recent one is the assault on a nurse by men of the Nigeria Police Force at the UUTH for no justifiable reason. She was beaten to pulp; dragged from the first floor to the ground floor; her uniform (symbol of office and service) was torn and her pride as a woman violated. This action had left her traumatized physically, emotionally, mentally and professionally and her dignity as a health worker despised.”

A UUTH Nurse was beaten by a Police officer because his wife died.
Uniform of Assaulted Nurse at UUTH

“Hence , we demand an apology from the NPF to her and the healthcare professionals for this harassment and assault and to compensate her adequately for this unwarranted attack despite the fact that she provided care to best of her professional ability to a patient who was brought in unconscious.”

“We make bold to say that if there’s a failure to meet this demand and a failure to stop henceforth this incessant harassments and assaults, we will not hesitate to withdraw all healthcare services in the state.”

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