AAC National Chairman, Omoyele Sowore arrested by Abattoir SARS unit

National Chairman of African Action Congress (AAC), Omoyele Sowore have been arrested in Abuja, around Court of Appeal by men of Abattoir SARS unit.


According to a statement signed and released by National Publicity Secretary of AAC, Femi Adeyeye on Thursday, Mr Sowore was arrested on 24th February, 2022, just after stepping out of the Appeal Court where him and other party leaders converged to witness the party’s case against INEC.


This is also after some armed men ”dressed in paramilitary regalia” attacked the members earlier in Abuja.

AAC National Chairman, Omoyele Sowore arrested by Abattoir SARS unit
AAC National Chairman, Omoyele Sowore arrested by Abattoir SARS unit

The statement reads;

”Without undue rhetorics, the Buhari regime has recorded another low yet again in its attacks against the rights of citizens to freely associate, assemble, hold opinions and freely express them.

”Earlier today, the State sent after us armed men, dressed in paramilitary regalia. It was clear that their mission was to attack the convoy and cause serious harm. They attacked the rear team and heavily assaulted our party members in the vehicle. These unknown armed men also took away their phones. Our comrades were able to scamper for safety, to later join the rest of the team at the Court of Appeal premises in Abuja.

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”Just after stepping out of the Court where the Chairman, party leaders and members have converged to witness the party’s case against INEC and usurpers, Mr Omoyele Sowore was arrested and driven away in a gestapo style, very similar to how he was arrested on August 3rd, 2019 by men of the State Security Service.


”We can however confirm as at the time of releasing this statement that he is currently at the dreaded SARS unit called “Abattoir” and men from that station were the ones who carried out the arrest. We are monitoring these events and we can assure all members that this re-occurring illegalities and attacks won’t be allowed to stand. Specific reason(s) for his arrest remain sketchy at this time.

”Let me state for the umpteenth time that we are not oblivious of the plans of the regime to cause harm to our National Chairman, neither are we unaware of their plot to shut us out completely from the forthcoming elections through different tactics. But they can only try because it is just too late. Nigerians are ready to be free and we are the most reliable alternative voice to the shenanigans of the regime. No one or system can stop an idea whose time has come.

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”We call on all peace-loving Nigerians to join the call for his immediate and unconditional release both from this present arrest and the unjust, illegal and immoral city detention.”

AAC National Chairman, Omoyele Sowore arrested by Abattoir SARS unit

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