Abba Kyari – Busy Brain

Abba Kyari - Busy Brain

Abba Kyari,
Days ago, you were alive
in pains caused by your positive status.
In Isolation, you could not survive
the sting of the pandemic virus.


What a pity, you lost the battle
at war front with deadly Corona
while your ‘Chief of Staff’ mantle
could not follow you to the lonely corner.


Abba Kyari,
You are now a missing script in Aso Rock
as Buhari endures your death with a shock.
Even though no one could restore your health,
For your country, you died a valorous death.

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Tell God, you are a Nigerian,
The abode of greedy politicians.
Tell God you came from a Country
that keeps one’s flaws in the memory.


Abba Kyari,
Your soul is on errand to the sky,
And your office would be occupied by good greedy guy.
Oh, I wish these greedy men reason
that death turns around like season.


You played your part before you depart
In administration where things keep fallen apart.
Your wish is to be alive,
but God says you would not survive.


Abba Kyari,
Mind not the villains claiming you are bad.
Mind not the friendly foes pretending to be sad.
Where you are, no one can peep.
But, what you sow, you shall reap.


Abba Kyari,
After your death, we begrudge,
But none is qualified to be your judge.
Here is my condolence piece,
May your soul continue to rest in perfect peace.


Busy Brain, is an opinion writer, poet, journalist and Public Relations Practitioner

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