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Abenny Jachiga, Kenyan Musician is Dead

Abenny Jachiga, Kenyan Musician is Dead

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Abenny Jachiga, a Kenyan Musician has died of The cause of pneumonia and cough.


Born Bernard Onyango Obonyo, the Ohangla music maker and singer was confirmed dead at a Kisumu hospital on the evening of Wednesday, 10th June.

Abenny reportedly fell ill on June 3, and was taken to Aga Khan Hospital in Kisumu from where he was discharged after his condition improved.


Barely a week later, he developed suspected pneumonia and was again rushed to a local health facility at his Chiga village, Kano area.


The cause of his death remained unclear although some relatives said he suffered a bout of pneumonia and cough before he succumbed.


By the time of his death, Abenny was working on his latest album to be released sometime this year or early 2021.


Given his condition, doctors advised that he be transferred to another hospital and the family settled on St. Jairus Hospital where he took his last breathed his.

Known for his trendy fashion and taste for fine things in life including beautifully crafted music in his blood, the 33-year-old started his music career at the age of 21.

Abenny Jachiga Ben.

The late Abenny Jachiga joined Ohangla queen, Lady Maureen, who took him into her able hands as his mentor from where he moved to become a sought after entertainer.


He had a couple of songs to his name, but it was until late 2017 that he hogged the national headlines with his lovely piece, Mano Kasinde (That’s her Cousin).


Knowing he had a role to play as the mirror of his immediate community, he observed his environment and used his God-given talent to educate and expose certain ills.


Mano Kasinde was therefore meant to expose clandestine relationships.

Meanwhile, police and health officials have launched investigation into his death and had taken samples from the body for tests to establish the cause of death.


This was confirmed by his brother, Austin Omondi, saying the Ministry of Health officials had taken samples from the body.


He said his brother fell ill on June 5 while in Nairobi.


A public health officer who did not want to be quoted said they were waiting for the samples to establish what killed Abenny Jachiga.


The Journey
According to Omondi, Onyango, 33, went to Nairobi on June 3 and it is still not clear how he traveled back to Kisumu last Saturday in the face of the lockdown in Nairobi.


“He told me he was going to Nairobi for some business but I did not bother to interrogate him further,” Omondi said.


Onyango is said to have traveled back to his home in Chiga, Kisumu East Sub-County in Kisumu County, on June 6 when he was first admitted at a local hospital and later transferred to St Elizabeth Hospital in Chiga the following day.


Omondi said that from the hospital, Onyango was taken home on a Monday where a private doctor was called to attend to him.


He said that his brother had small spots on his skin body and complained of stomachaches.


Onyango was later rushed to St Jairus Hospital where he died after developing breathing complications at 2am.


Omondi said that while at the hospital, his brother complained of having breathing complications and was coughing blood.


Omondi described his brother as outgoing and forgiving.


“He was a good person, he would forgive very quickly,” he said.

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