About Akara Yahoo In Offa, Kwara State

This akara spot in Offa town is popularly called Akara yahoo. I investigated to know why the spot is called akara yahoo.


I discovered that it is managed by three young boys between the age of 20-25 in a business believed to be for old women. They are not from the town, neatly dressed, polite with yahoo guy haircuts.


When they started about a year ago, people rumored that it is for ritual purpose because guys in their age engage in internet fraud known as yahoo yahoo. But these guys are trying to survive.


I often patronize them just to give people confidence that the akara is safe and not to exchange people’s destiny (I do not blame anyone for such fear).

About Akara Yahoo In Offa, Kwara State

Apart from being delicious, it is prepared in a hygienic environment.


Anytime you are in Offa, stop opposite Captain Cook and take a bite of Akara yahoo.

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