About Mr Rej who disguises with the use of Mask

Mr Rej is a Nigerian, who is an Afro beat/R&B singer. He disguises his identity with the use of a mask as his widely known signature.


He grew up liking music and went on to be a prolific music producer, this led him down the path of music and entertainment business.


So far, Mr Rej has released 4 songs, a movement that will spur goodness for the Nigerian music industry. The rising star artist in the Nigerian Music scene is currently working on a project that will blow your mind. He continues to make his expression with his Afro Highlife Sound that is captivating. Mr Rej also does not box himself as he unleashes his creativity with the releases of tantalising Afrop Pop and Afro R & B Songs.


Mr Rej Music cuts across many Afro sub genres with a brand portrayed with his Sound and Style. He disguises himself with a mask, which separates him and gives him a unique identity that is to take his music career to the next level.


Mr Rej is currently working on his debut project, a 6 Tracks EP with a whopping 70% proceeds going for the feeding and clothing of African Children and Catering for the Widows.

About Mr Rej who disguises with the use of Mask

The Rej Movement Foundation is Dedicated to feeding and clothing of less privileged and windows.

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He recently just dropped his latest singles titled Marry You, Mamacita Remix which features Dan Wiz and Kikana, mind blowing Afro R&B, Highlife Sounds.

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