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About Oil Money Records | Biography

Things You Don't Know About Oil Money Records - Best Rated Record Label In Nigeria

Oil Money Records is a British record label founded by a Philanthropist and an Event Promoter, Alafaa Kariboye-Igbo a.k.a Oil Money on Oct 8, 2020 & officially started his Record label in March 2021 (Oil Money Records).

About Oil Money Records | Biography

Oil Money is also a business magnet, realtor, entrepreneur and a car dealer (CEO Best Car Sales Ltd).

About Oil Money Records | Biography

Oil Money Records exists to make known the artists who create. Our label manages the development of songs, production of music, manufacturing of merchandise, creative marketing and distribution of the products we create.


“Our desired goal is to operate with a high standard of excellence in business organization and effectively manage music licensing and copyright processes, song promotion, royalty collection, and key partnerships around the world”, Alafaa added.



In an interview after joining the record firm, Jaydboy promised the industry that he had prepared several blockbusters that would be released gradually to inspire music lovers.


According to him, the new singles lined up by the company will be heating the air waves in a few weeks from now.

About Oil Money Records | Biography

The label is home to recording artists such as Jaydboy.


Status: Active
Genre: Afrobeat & RNB
Country of origin UK & Nigeria

Official website :

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