About the PDP N105m rent issue with Landlord

The Bayelsa State secction of People’s Democratic Party (PDP) have allegedly refused to pay N105m rent to landlord.


Mr Chubby Ben Walson, the owner of a building that housed the secretariat of the PDP in Bayelsa, is demanding the party to settle six years of rent debt amounting to N105 million before the party vacates his property.


Walton rented the six-winged storey building to the party since 2008.

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He said the party instead of paying, wrote him to say it is vacating the building.

About the PDP N105m rent issue with Landlord
About the PDP N105m rent issue with Landlord

A high court on June 19 ruled the party should pay the landlord outstanding rent of N105m.


Mr Walton said: “After the judgement, the party through one of his executive approached his lawyer on how to settle the debt, only for me to released that the party was just buying time to vacate the building without settling the debt.

“The party state Chairman, Solomon Agwana and Secretary, Gesiye Isowo has written to me stating that they are officially vacating my property after destroying same, in the said letter, the party admitted that they have been in occupation of my property from August 1, 2008 till date and yet have wickedly refused to pay me the due rent for the past six years.


“PDP refusing to pay me my due rent is simply the story of callousness and wickedness, that is the property they have been occupying to record several electoral victories in Bayelsa State.”

But the state leadership of PDP in a letter to the landlord, signed by its state Chairman, Solomon Agwana and Secretary, Gesiye Isowo admitted that they have been using the property for from August 2008, informing him that they have vacated the building but did not state if they will upset the outstanding rents.


The letter read; “This is to officially notify you that we have vacated your property that is situated along Alamieyeseigha expressway, Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, that you entered a tendency agreement with Chief Rufus Abadi, the erstwhile party Chairman on 1st of August, 2008 wherein he now offered the property to the party.

That from 1st August, 2008 till date PDP had been in occupation of the property. “We humbly, ask that you take possession of your property from the date of your receipt of this letter as we are no longer interested in occupying same,” the letter reads.

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