About Woman who met 8 women on bed with her husband

This is the true story behind the popular reels and tiktok voice – Bunch of Women. This is the true story of the woman who later got divorced by her husband after catching him on bed with eight women.


Everyone is using her voice to make funny videos on Tik-Tok but nobody knows how frustrated her marriage is.


Mrs Abahi Blessing Newton tells us more on how is all came about.

About Woman who met 8 women on bed with her husband

Her voice has been used in many funny video on social media with millions of views. Even if you are not active on social media, you would have come accross this voice – ”bunch of women”



Someone commented, ”This woman is the woman proverbs 31 talks about, please madam don’t go back to that man again if you love your life and that of your children God will take care of you”


”Even in his poor condition he’s doing all these ? That’s serious. Woman forget this husband and face your children life. May God help you”

Website Designing/Management/Social Media – Iyanu Victor


”This woman looks sharp and educated she deserves a better man in her life, she still love the man despite all the pains and suffering”


”These types of men will rather make the world see you to be evil, and play victims
They never change
I pray for a great divine intervention in your life and a financial breakthrough in Jesus’s name”


”There is something special and unique about this woman, and the husband is too blin*d to see it. She will be a great woman, a good leader,  she is also multi talented. May God bless you ma and Grant you your heart desires amen.”

Certified French Tutor in Nigeria with Years of Experience – Ms Blessing Akpan


She’s so intelligent and outspoken. She deserves someone better who will truly compliment and give her physical, financial and emotional support. That marriage must have drained her so much.


Lucky Udu I just sent a little token to her , please I suggest as good civilians in our good mind do a raise fund for Mrs Abahi Blessing Newton, she’s too intelligent to suffer with such a man even after trying to make things works… please let’s make her smile again


In as much as it sounded funny
I could never ignore the pain in her voice
And how insensitive people using her to catch cruise were
I pray God compensates her


Sometimes when you hear what people are going true ,you get emotional 😢 ma there is always someone better may God help and support you and your children what a life we live in.. Lucky you dey try sha ..God bless you for what you do..🙏🙏❤

About Woman who met 8 women on bed with her husband

Even otedola can’t carry 8 gals at the same time, some people are the source of their poverty.
Madam may God help you


I love d fact she can express herself and yet choose to stay wit a weakling as a man, who does wat pple tell him. I pray she gets a beta job offer and also beta life for herself and kids.


Well it’s quite unfortunate that some of us men we don’t know what we have until we lose it, have you I heard 👂 the way the woman is speaking wow she’s such an intelligent woman what she needed was just a little educational brush up and she will give you much back in returns of ur investment in her mr man, but seems since the man cannot hold up his dick, let him keep on spreading the eggs everywhere he will meet what is good for him one day nemesis will surely catch up on him that I can assure you is quite unfortunate madam take heart and move on, it’s just two kids it’s not the end of the world you have a brighter future ahead of you one day God will locate you and send your destiny helper


”Tell that Man that Igbo men are loving caring husbands who take care of their wives and never want their wife to suffer and provide for the family. Igbo men respect their matrimonial home they don’t joke with it . Igbo men can go outside play drink with friends but his mind is 80% home. He is not an Igbo man we reject him. Those that are advising her to stay after all she went and still going through is insane including the counselor, judge and her pastor.”


An interview b Lucky Udu exposes more on her marital life. Watch.

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