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Abraka Community Holds EndSARS Protests

Abraka Community Holds EndSARS Protests

Residents in Abraka community, Delta State, on Monday embarked on a peaceful protests in support of the ENDSARS call, urging the government to put an end to police brutality.

Recall that Nigerians in different parts of the country have continued to occupy the streets for days calling for police reforms, a situation that turned violent in several places and lives lost.

The peaceful protesters in the university town started at campus 2 and proceeded to police station junction, where protesters blocked the Abraka axis of the Sapele-Agbor express road, with a trailer and convoy of vehicles.

Recently, a protest was conducted for the ENDSARS movement but did not yield massive turn up and was suspended due to the cult clash that was ongoing at that time.

Oasis Magazine (OM) spoke to some of the protesters.

When asked the reason for joining the protest, one said “it is time to end the bad things that are happening in the country, the bad government, enough is enough, ENDSARS”.

Another said “it is time to end budget inflation and police brutality; we need constitutional reforms.”

Abraka Community Holds EndSARS Protests
Abraka Community Holds EndSARS Protests

In summary, what most of the protesters are clamoring for is the reformation of not just the police force but the government as a whole saying that they are tired of living in fear in their own country.

Furthermore, they called out on the government to ensure more employment opportunities for the youths.

The protest can be described as peaceful except for the clash between some unknown persons, which died down immediately some indigenes intervened.

Meanwhile the cause of the said clash is still unknown.

The protest went on despite the heavy downpour.

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