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Adandiigbo Season 16: Nchekwa umu Agbogho ala Igbo

Adandiigbo Season 16: Nchekwa umu Agbogho ala Igbo

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In a show of emotion, the Adandiigbo cultural pageant has sent words of appreciation to Igbo sons and daughters who have so far indicated interest in attendance, support and identifying with the laudable season 16 of this great Igbo project billed for November 2020.


Speaking at a zoom enabled press briefing, the Chairman of the Organising committee and convener Mazi Onyechere Anele, thanked people of different ethnic races and the Igbo people that have shown support and interest in season 16.

He expressed optimism that more Igbo entrepreneurs would show support for their culture and posited that the event has turned out to be a leveller and is building bridges across ethnic nationalities.


Mazi Anele pointed out that 16 years ago the most impacting support for Adandiigbo cultural pageant preparations came from an ijaw man, Commodore FBI Porbeni.


It may be recalled that Adandiigbo cultural pageant is the first of its kind and has for the past 16 years promoted the virtues of the Igbo girl child.

He therefore, called for the participation of more Igbo’s in the Igbo Cultural pageantry project.


The Adandiigbo cultural pageant has defined a new path in celebrating Igbo Cultural heritage through pageantry and teaching youngster’s the Igbo values not normally taught in formal education institution’s but essential in the emotional, social and intelligence quotient of the average Igbo girls that city life has continually denied the opportunity to experience real Igbo values and cultural heritage.


A whole lot of Igbo youths have signed up for different roles ranging from talent exposition, runway fashion, folktales, and so many other creative roles.

The season 16 of Adandiigbo cultural pageant promises to be a very exciting season with Igbo’s the world over prepare to exhibit the Igbo values and cultural heritage through pageantry. Support by individuals and youth participation is encouraged.


Ace Actor Steve Ebo has been penciled as the season 16 host.


Igbo personalities that key in to the project would be made known and acknowledged on the social media of the pageant at and other social media handles of the pageant.


Listen to the theme song for the event.

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