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ADC zones Governor’s position to Anambra South

ADC zones Governor's position to Anambra South

The African Democratic Congress (ADC) have zoned Governor’s position to Anambra South following the election date announcement by INEC.

In a statement to GBETU on Wednesday the ADC “Promises to Launch the African Ijele state and cosmopolitan business hub in Anambra state.

Signed by National Chairman, Chief Ralphs Okey Nwosu, the party also promised to run the most effective campaign code named “Operation Akanchawa for All” and “African Ijele hub”, while adding that it will kickstart with townhall conversions immediately.

ADC zones Governor's position to Anambra South

“For many months a select committee of ADC South East leaders have been in conversation with Anambra youths and women mainly and a myriad of other stakeholders. We have weaved their thoughts and aspirations into an fine web signposting a clear vision of the new Anambra state. Our party ADC believes in the uniqueness of each of the states and LGAs in Nigeria, and dig down the SWOTs to create that vision that privileges the people and resonates with ADC global vision of Nigeria, the Super Power economy. Therefore ADC is happy to say we have the Big Anambra vision for a new Anambra state, the African Ijele and Cosmopolitan Business hub. This shall be formally launched when the campaign officially begins.

“As we prepare to foist a New and great Anambra state, our party, the African Democratic Congress ADC has zoned the 2021 Governorship candidature to Anambra South Senatorial Area of the state. As you are aware, ADC stands for equity and justice. Our HANDSHAKE symbol represents inclusion and commitment to deep diversity values. The Anambra North Senatorial area produced the incumbent governor who will be rounding up his second term in office by February 2022. The central Senatorial was in office for eight years before then. The NWC of our great party has designed the DNA that guides our party and our conscience. In as much as most of the current Aspirants from Anambra South contested the elections within the last 16years with Aspirants and candidates of the Central and North Senatorial zones, ADC is a disciplined and Responsible organization governed by principles of equity and natural justice. The decision to zone the Governor to Anambra South Senatorial is of the disciplines inherent in our DNA.

“The African Democratic Congress in the South East zone has been strategizing for this election, as well as the national body. I can say with confidence that this is our election to win and Anambra government house Awka, will be a HANDSHAKE state. The party will present a youthful multi-talented, dexterous, disciplined and a servant leader to occupy Agu-Awka house.

“For us, it is no longer time for opportunistic maniacal money-bags politics and propaganda syndrome. The party has designed the pathway to prosperity, security and creating the African Ijele in Anambra state within the next few years. Our vision of a cosmopolitan hub of tech-preneurs, education, trade, distribution, entertainment, science and healing hub is clear and well aligned with the mission to create 100billion dollar economy and 2million new jobs are well thought out. In the spirit of ADC, the young men and women will arise and shine while allowing no one to intimidate them.

“The era of whining, ruing and complaining in Anambra and all over Nigeria is over so long as the people align with us to usher in the orchestra that showcases the Super Power economy and development that we in ADC have envisioned of Nigeria.

“We shall Kickstart the triumphant Anambra election, the African Ijele with series of town hall meetings starting from the first week of February.
With ADC, Anambra will put an immediate end to the rancorous propaganda regimes and hypocritical one man show and husband and wife government in the state.

Concluding, Chief Nwosu says the “ADC government will conduct the first free and fair local government LGA elections in Nigeria and will ensure that local councils are given the freedom and latitude to play their roles as the government closest to the grassroots and the people.”

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