Afa Igbo Efuna is accidental Senator Ifeanyi Ubah Ponzi scheme

Afa igbo efuna is accidental Senator ifeanyi Ubah Ponzi scheme that must be avoided like leper by igbo’s.


I deemed it necessary to let igbo’s to know that a group that goes by the name of Afa igbo efuna that was founded by accidental Senator ifeanyi Ubah is a scam.

The group is purely a Ponzi scheme that accidental Senator Ifeanyi Ubah intended using as a conduit pipe to milk the pocket of gullible minded igbo’s dry.


It’s a well known fact in Nigeria that accidental Senator ifeanyi Ubah is not selfless because selfishness runs in his DNA.


He has been selfish to all the people that had 1 or 2 business dealings with him and cannot turn to a crusader of igbo’s interest over night.


The reason why he gave the group a sympathetic name is to use it to lure gullible minded igbo’s into joining the group without them knowing that his intention is evil.

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Igbo’s know those that can fight selflessly for their interest and accidental Senator ifeanyi Ubah is not among them.


The worst thing that can happen to igbo’s is to put hope on accidental Senator ifeanyi because any hope reposed on him is a hopeless hope.


How can somebody whose company was ceased by the Federal government present himself as somebody that is fighting for igbo’s interests, any reasonable mind will agree with me that he is looking for a way to use the name of igbo’s to negotiate for a soft landing with the Federal government.

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If the Federal government gives accidental Senator ifeanyi Ubah the tempting offer of selling igbo’s interest by abandoning Afa igbo efuna agenda in exchange of getting his company back from AMCON, he will not blink an eye to accept the offer.

So if we are to be truthful to ourselves, accidental Senator ifeanyi Ubah is morally rotten to lead an igbo pressure group.


The best thing for reasonable minds to do is to avoid accidental Senator ifeanyi Ubah Ponzi scheme group that goes by the name of Afa igbo efuna like leper and join Afa igbo bu ofu group because they are the real promoters of igbo interest.


If it’s not Afa igbo bu ofu tell them that any other group masquerading to be fighting for igbo’s interest is fake.


Daalu nu.



Evang Chinedu Obigwe

National co-ordinator of APGA Media Warriors Forum.

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