Africa the future of global world – Sergio Mattarella

Africa the future of global world – Sergio Mattarella

ITALIAN President Sergio Mattarella says he has a deep appreciation for the Zambian government’s free education policy which is aimed at guaranteeing free access to education to all.


Addressing Zambia’s National Assembly, Thursday, President Mattarella said there was need for the African continent to work towards removing all economic, social, and cultural obstacles that don’t allow young people to complete their education.


“We must work to remove all the social, economic and cultural obstacles that don’t allow young people, especially girls to complete their education.


“In this sense I have deep appreciation for the Zambian authority that is aimed at guaranteeing free access to education for all, ” he told the House.


He underscored on the need to invest in the education sector so as to better the future of the young generation.


President Mattarella also said that African continent is the future of the global world.


He said there is need to invest in Africa for a better future for all humanity.


“Africa is the continent of the future, the time for Africa is now, Africa is the present. Presently, we must invest in Africa for a better future,” He stated.


Stressing that that Europe and Africa have a shared responsibility of tapping in the potential of the young people in Africa which can be of great benefit to humanity, the visiting Italian President said the potential of young people should not be allowed to go to waste.


President Mattarella revealed in his address that by 2050 young people in Africa will present over 25 per cent of the global workforce.


“60 percent of the one point four billion African population is aged 25 and below and by 2050 according to estimates young Africans will present over 25 percent of the global workforce.


“We have a shared responsibility, the numerous potential which can be of benefit to all humanity, should not be wasted.”


In the same address, President Mattarella praised Zambia for being a model of democracy in the region and the continent as a whole adding that the Southern African country has gone through an important path of consolidating its democracy and the rule of law.


He said Italy wants to build partnerships with countries like Zambia that uphold democratic tenets and the dignity of humanity.


“In Intensifying relations with the African continent, Italy and the European Union know that they can count on countries like Zambia who have gone through an important path towards the consolidation of democracy and the rule of law.


“Our ambition is to build a partnership focused on common interests and shared values, respect for the dignity of all the people,” He said.


President Mattarella says Zambia’s democratic model is important as it focuses on human rights.


“Zambia’s experience is important, because it expresses a democratic model which is authentic to Africa, with focus on human rights and it’s a benchmark and example of the region, ” he said, indicating that Zambia has for a long time adhered to the long tradition of upholding peace.


President Mattarella assured parliament that Zambia can continue to count on the long standing relations that the two countries have enjoyed over the years.


President Mattarella said Zambia and Italy both enjoy bonds of cordial friendship that can be traced since the country’s independence.


Italy has contributed to the socio economic of Zambia and its people through the implementation of various programmes.


President Mattarella says Italy desires is to further strengthen the existing relations started by Zambia’s founding Father the Late Dr Kenneth Kaunda.


President Mattarella’s address to the National Assembly lasted about 18 minute and largely dwelled on climate change, immigration, Russian invasion and the need for increased cooperation between Europe and Africa.


The Italian President who is in the country on the three days official visit was accompanied to parliament by his wife Laura and Italian Ambassador to Zambia, Antonino Maggiore.


Prior to his address to the National Assembly, President Mattarella’s motorcade arrived at Parliament building 17:05 local time and was received by the Speaker of the National Assembly Nelly Mutti.


President Matteralla was later taken to the Speakers offices where he signed the visitors book and exchanged gifts before proceedings to the chamber.


Since the outbreak of COVID-19, all members of parliament were yesterday gathered in the chamber to listen to President Mattarella’s address.

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