After Funtua’s death Jude Jackson come for Mamman Daura

Jude Jackson Mamman Daura

After Funtua’s death Jude Jackson come for Mamman Daura


You all remember Jude Jackson right? The same guy on twitter who has come for almost every member of Buhari’s cabal.

He recently came for Prof. Osinbanjo who  reacted by sending the Nigeria Police to him,  also he came for the late Funtua whom from his tweet yesterday while twitter users was mourning the death of the late Isa funtua made us know that the Late cabal member has reported and hinted a senator on how they will deal with him before the disruption of death set in

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 Jude Jackson Mamman Daura

Well, it looks like Mamman Daura will get a bite of his own share as soon as possible, in the early hours of the 22nd of July 2020; Jude Jackson tweeted the words below with Mamma Daura’s picture attached to it.

“This is Mamman Daura. Tell him I have his file. And it is as scandalous as Ismaila Isa Funtua. I have no chills. I don’t take bribes. Nigerians must know their enemies. Gloves off.”

After Funtua's death Jude Jackson come for Mamman Daura

“Following the case of NDDC,  maybe the world will learn to read the News; with this we can all start aware of whatever is going on and whatever we will need to stop some certain things from reoccurring. After Funtua’s death Jude Jackson come for Mamman Daura is something we should all follow up.”

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