After loosing to Argentina again… My thoughts #NGAARG #NaijaIssaGoal

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Tonight I watched the Nigeria Super Eagle play for history and lost. Tonight I saw them fight for not just for Nigeria but also their Pride. Straight to point, this is what I think we missed and if not corrected will be a generational stain.

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My Thoughts:

Waste too much time in shooting
Our players are too slow! Can we please add Karate kick to to their training, I will be glad to teach. A good Mae-geri practice, with its attached reflex for training will teach these boys how to see goals before the ball get to them, how to shoot once the ball get to them and to think three to  four times ahead. We also wasted too much time in passing with each other, what was that all about? See, it doesn’t matter who scores, the goal in this case belongs to the country not you! Score for us.

Second Leg: We are bad of this. We would have scored at least 4 goals if there was a second man. Its just one player moving and nobody to kick if another miss a shot, thats not football! Is it that the Super Eagles don’t play PS 1, 2, 3 or 4? You can’t use 4-3-3 and play like you using 5-4-2, kilode. And yes, Musa scored the  last goals but does that make him the god of goals for us? Do you think the other team will give him breathing space? But if he had a partner, another Musa, another Mikel and so on, then better stories.

Support of Messi by Nigerians:
When I call us hypocrites, people think I am inconsiderate. How can Nigerians be supporting and betting on Argentina. That’s a fail in spirit! Can you imagine Argentina doing that. A joint spirit is also why we  lost.

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Too much celebration at one Winning
We won one match, just one and people are endorsing and so on. Please, too much candy and sweets leads to Teeth Chains. Didn’t we notice how stiff they were, they were thinking too much! Let’s encourage a bit and give all at the end. Saw a tweet of Olamide planning returning party, please go and sit.

Sliding and Falling: Victor Moses kept sliding and falling like a fish…please is that a defence tactics or what? Can’t he stand. Players and tactics like these should be avoided at all cost, it dosent’t show professionalism, its lazy, most importantly when you are playing a team like Argentina, you need to be on your feet.

Speed and Strength: Nigeria have always been a strong team, but currently we have a “Bobsled Team” – SEUN ADIGUN, NGOZI ONWUMERE, AKUOMA OMEOGA and SIMIDELE ADEAGBO, our Olympic champions if asked, I believe will gladly help our men and women in running. Related imageWe don’t know how to run and we need that basics! Lets’s stop leaving football for football, try other sports to enhance!

P.S: Why spend so much on Alex Nnwobi and put him on bench, was he a side MACHINE? Well, he didn’t score.

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How To Get A Better Team – An Uncle Fadaka Suggestion
Kindly come down to Unilag, Yabatech, CMS Grammer School, Iyan Oworo and so on, on Saturday and Sunday to pick boys that will Play with their Life. 

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