Ahmed Musa is a Kanuri man, but he scored the 2 goals FOR NIGERIA.

You see,  the two goals scored FOR NIGERIA  by Ahmed musa would  have been useless if Iceland had scored 3 goals in return. Do you know  why Iceland didn’t score those 3 goals that would have made our 2 goals useless?  It was because of Uzoho the goalkeeper.

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Uzoho is an igbo man,  but he defended the goals FOR NIGERIA.
Idowu is a Yoruba man,  but he defended Uzoho the igbo goalkeeper so that NIGERIA would win.
Etebo and some others are from the “minority” tribes,  but he held the midfield FOR NIGERIA.
Leone Balogun  is a diasporan, but if he had not also put in his effort FOR NIGERIA,  Musa’s goal would have been useless.
What am i saying?  It means all of us, from whatever tribe or religion, have to pull together FOR NIGERIA if we want our country to be great.

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As Musa being the points man that scored is a result of others who did work from behind him,  so is it that PMB is just the points man,  there are many others from different tribes behind him in the MDA s.
As Musa’s goal would mean nothing if other players didn’t work FOR NIGERIA,  so would PMB’S  work achieve nothing if we all don’t play our own part FOR NIGERIA.
As the contribution of Leone  Balogun,  the diasporan was needed,  so do we need those of you in diaspora to contribute FOR NIGERIA.
Lastly, as we all cheered and celebrated FOR NIGERIA, though we are different tribes and faiths,  so should we celebrate our government when they do well.

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This is the only way we can move forward.
We all either sink together or soar together.
Nigeria shall be great in my lifetime!
Otunba Richard Akin Oshungboye
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