The Stevocracy Advocates for Good Governance (SAGG), has described the government of Rotimi Akeredolu as a ‘colossal faliure.’


In a statement made available to GBETU, the group says “Aketi is treating people of Ondo state like monkeys and he offers bananas anytime to entice them.”


Signed by its President, Comrade Adegoriola Steve, the SAGG asked if “Bitumen a state project?”

Also calling on the people of Ondo state, the group warns of Gov. Akeredolu’s plan lay off over two thousand workers after re-election.


Read Statement below –



Like sonorous proverb do we drum agidigbo, it is the wise who dances to it and it also the learned who understands its language.


I remembered vividly how SAGG stood its ground against Electing PMB for second term in office that this man had no plans for the past four years he had spent and he will never show any sign of progress for another four years.

Many youths who were bereft of destiny and future that time started castigating me and my group for no reason because they saw him as the best, now the best has started taking over the churches, the best has started selling Nigerian into the Chinese, the best has increased banditry and amplified Myetti Allah and Boko haram insurgence has gone to the peak, the economy has sunken.


The same warning I am issuing against white beard Governor of Ondo state.


He has failed for the past close to four years, there is a zilch he can offer you. Civil servants will be dealt with, students will pay more fees out of their noses.

He has used a lot of projects to even deceive you since his second term bid campaigns started. He has told you that he has started extracting Bitumen. With the level of Education in Ondo state ,is Bitumen a state project?


He has decreased Adekunle Ajasin students school fees to a ridiculous amount that every sensible soul will say is this a reduction proper? and he will increase it again when he is re-elected. Why didn’t Aketi reduce it for the past two years students have been clamoring for reduction? Why now two months to the election?


Aketi is treating people of Ondo state like monkeys and he offers bananas anytime to entice them.

I want to tell you that it is time to stop following many political leaders in Ondo state who only cater for their stomachs and not for the masses, don’t allow some selfish political leaders to put a scotch to your destinies.


Aketi is planning to lay off over two thousand workers after re election, don’t fall victim of his political magic of refuting this yesterday. The only remedy to the economic and political banes in ONDO STATE is ‘CHANGE.’


Akeredolu has recorded the highest failure of governance since the creation Of Ondo state, he has broken this ignominious record and don’t let him break it more than four years he has broken it.

VOTE AKETI OUT! Ondo state needs a better administrative handling, don’t let us sell or mortgage the future of this generation and the generations unborn.



Comrade Adegoriola Steve /SAGG President

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