Akinde GM: It will take 219 years to test all Nigerians

Akinde GM: It will take 219 years to test all Nigerians

Akinde GM: It will take 219 years to test all Nigerians – – We have to indeed be totally responsible to prevent and eliminate COVID19. Currently, we have testing capacity of 2500 per day. To test all Nigerians with Population of about 200 million will 219 years( I.e. (200million/2500)/365 days in a year). No country in the world has tested all her populations, and Nigeria might not be able to test all too.

Akinde GM: It will take 219 years to test all Nigerians

So, Our behaviour during this CORONAVIRUS Days is key or in other words: How To Behave If There Is Partial Reopening during this COVID19 quagmire is key.


We “Stay at Home” and “Social Distancing”. A New Lexicon is Just Being Added, “Wear Mask” If We Reopen. Please, let us comply religiously.



I Believe Those Are Not Enough. However, Citizens also Has A Duty To Help Themselves By Researching on Ways To Stay Safe If and When We Resume.


We Have To Change Our Way Of Life. Alter Our Culture and Be More Vigilant. We Have To PRACTICE WHOLLY PERSONAL HYGIENE.


We Will Be Dealing With A Lot Of People. Danfo Drivers, Hawkers, Food Vendors, Marwa and Bike Men etc. We Won’t Know Who Has The Virus. Hence, We Need PERSONAL HYGIENE.




1. We Can No More Use Our Teeth To Tear “Pure Water”. Sellers Hands Had Touched It. You Get My Drift.


2. Don’t Allow Seller To Peel and Blow Your Groundnuts (or Buy Already Peeled Ones). Remember, Corona Thrive On Droplets.


3. Eat Only At Hygienic Places. Clean Environment and Where Seller Uses Clean Protective Equipments.


4. Hugging May Be Suspended. Social Distancing Advised.


5. Once you torch currencies and coins, handwashing with soap is key because currencies travel a lot.


When You Touch Naira Notes Given As Change By Conductors, Sellers Etc, Ensure You Don’t Put Same Hand In Mouth, Eyes or Nose. Wash Your Hands Appropriately. Or Use Sanitizer Before Hand.


6. You Can’t Place Your Mouth on Bottle of Coke of Another Person (Pour In Cups if You Must Share). You Can’t Puff From The Same Shisha Pipe..etc.


7. You Must Clean Surfaces Always Especially Where Many People Make Use of.


8. Carry Your Bag(s) Yourself. Era of Oga Sir Is Over. Except You Are Comfortable With Coronavirus


9. Stop Touching People When You Talk. Bad Habit. Now It’s Time To Stop It.


10. Whenever We Buy Somethings And It Is Put In A Nylon, Have It In Mind That The Nylon May Be Contaminated. Get Home and Wash Your Hands.


11. Always Close The Toilet Seat After Flushing. Bacteria, Viruses etc Goes On Air With Uncovered Toilet Seat.


12. Finally, But Not The Least, Whenever You Get Home. Don’t Hug Your Kids or Spouse. First Pull Off Your Clothes For Washing, Go To The Bathroom and Either Take A Bath With Soap (It Will Make Some of Us Even Lighter In Complexion) or Wash Our Hands Before You Hug Your Kids and or Spouse.


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