Akuapem Poloo: What they did to me in Prison

Embattled Ghanaian socialite and actress, Rosemond Brown, aka Akuapem Poloo has sparked reactions after narrating her traumatic experience in prison.


Poloo has opened up about the bitter experience she had during her 2 weeks stay in prison.


According to her, she was taken through all sorts of traditions observed in the prison including eating banku and groundnut soup without fish or meat.

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Akuapem Poloo revealed on Onua TV during an interview with Captain Smart that aside from being deprived of fish or meat in the food given to her, there was an insect in the food.


She disclosed she didn’t want to eat the food but a prison officer forced her to eat because she had no option.

Akuapem Poloo went on to disclose that she got searched and asked to squat and push her [email protected] muscles in order for the officer to confirm she had no bad substance or weapon on her after she had removed all her clothes.

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Her revelation has got social media users talking especially on the claim that she was given food that contained flying termite (an insect attracted to light which encircles around light when it rains)


Akuapem Poloo was released from prison a couple of weeks ago after serving 2 weeks over her 90-day jail term.


The mother of one was slammed with a GHC12,000 fine after her lawyer appealed her 3 months jail term at the Appeal Court.

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