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Akuku Community in Akoko Edo cry over abandoned ‘Only Public Secondary School Project’

Akuku Community in Akoko Edo cry over abandoned 'Only Public Secondary School Project'
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The people of Akuku Community in Akoko Edo LGA in Edo State are ‘crying’ over the only public secondary school project in its area which have been abandoned.


“This issue is of serious emergency and requires the priority urgent intervention of the Federal Government and the State Government accordingly, in order to mitigate the prevalent plight ravaging the people of Akoko in Edo State as a result of lack of Government Secondary in the whole of the Akuku Community, Akoko, says a correspondent of PENIEL GLOBAL EER REL LIMITED.

Akuku Community in Akoko Edo cry over abandoned 'Only Public Secondary School Project'

“To start with, it is important to note that, the right to education is a human right and indispensable for the exercise of other human rights. According to research, education aims to ensure the development of a fully-rounded human being. It is one of the most powerful tools in lifting socially excluded children and adults out of poverty and into society.” The report says.


It is pathetic to know that, there is no single Government Secondary School in the whole of Akuku Community, Akoko in Edo State. Meaning, education is not given a pride of place in the community; and a very strategic project – the Akuku Community Secondary School Project, in Akoko, Edo State, which could play a very significant role in human development in the community, was abandoned. The project has been left fallow for over 4 years now, everything relinquished to the background – just a building without windows, and with no facility, yet the appropriate authorities are not doing something about it.

Meanwhile, the said community, ‘Akuku Community’ is the oldest community in Akoko Edo Local Government Area, Edo State, but, they cannot boast of any Government Secondary School even till date.


As it stands now, the said abandoned ‘Proposed Akuku Community Secondary School, Akoko’, is surrounded with thick bushes, and the building is gradually dilapidating. The children of the said community are stranded as most of their parent cannot afford to send them to private school. And this inability to access this education tends to hinder the development of their skills and the society at large.


This also can give rooms for the oppression of women in various ways; and can encourage crimes, particularly, among the males.


Against this background, the people of Akuku Community, is making a plea to the Government, both at the Federal and at the State level to urgently intervene in this issue. The Ministry of Education and the appropriate authorities are requested to deploy all the required measures and resources toward giving Akoko Community atleast a Secondary School.

As it is basically known, that, education makes one a better person and teaches one various skills. It enhances the individual growth, and one intellect and the ability to make rational decisions. The people of Akoko community further seek for other strategic educational developmental programmes in the community to enhance their
individual growth, and ultimately the growth of the society.

Akuku Community in Akoko Edo cry over abandoned 'Only Public Secondary School Project'
Akuku Community in Akoko Edo cry over abandoned ‘Only Public Secondary School Project’

The Akoko people humbly make this appeal, believing that, even if the State Government will not act swiftly on this issues, the Federal Government has an overriding power to intervene in such affairs if they border on issues of National or Global concern. In this case, the lack of Government Secondary School in the oldest community in Akoko Edo L. G. A. Edo State, which can pave ways for the young people to be engaged in crimes, is a fundamental issue that borders on the national and global concerns, to which the Federal Government can intervene.


“Akoko Community as a whole shall be grateful, if Federal Government attention is drawn to this project and appropriate action taken. By every standard this issue consider to be sensitive and of extreme urgency.”

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