Ambush The President: 3 Burundians To face 30 Years In Jail

Three Burindians to face 30 years in jail after attacking and conspiring against the President.


The trio are to face 30 years of imprisonment for “attack and conspiracy against the head of state”, General Evariste Ndayishimiye – for throwing stones at his procession on Wednesday.

“The Kayanza District Court sentenced three young people to 30 years in prison for an attack and conspiracy against the head of state during a flagrance procedure,” a piece of information confirmed by witnesses at the trial states.


“These three people tried to ambush. They threw stones at the presidential column. They are young people, I would say, young bandits, they had stones,” – Colonel Rémy Cishahayo, governor of Kayanza province in northern Burundi where the acts were committed told the media.

The prosecutor requested the Kayanza District court in Kayanza province to jail the three to seven years for causing insecurity for the president, but the court decided to convict them of trying to kill him and sentenced each of them to 30 years in prison as a local radio station Isanganiro reported.

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