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ANAMBRA 2021: Ifeanyi Ubah will not win, there is no point – GABROS

ANAMBRA 2021: Ifeanyi Ubah will not win, there is no point - GABROS

Renowned businessman and football administrator, Chief Gabriel Chukwuma popularly known as Gabros told a team of journalists that senator Ifeanyi Patrick Ubah has not told him that he is contesting Anambra state governorship election in 2021.

“Perhaps, it is still rumour, mere speculation, Senator Ubah himself has not told me anything about him contesting Anambra state governorship seat in 2021. Frankly speaking I have only heard it from a couple of persons and this is why, I still call it rumour, or mere speculation”, the business mogul stated.

Speaking further, the football administrator said ‘if Ubah comes to me to tell me he wants to contest, I will ask him not to contest, because he will not win. There is no point embarking on an exercise that will be fertile, a mere jamboree or a journey to nowhere; I will ask him to perish the ideal, unless he listens to me and do those things I asked him to do earlier before now.’

The founder of Gabros International Football club revealed that Senator Ubah is not the rightful owner of the stadium he now nicknamed “Ifeanyi Ubah Stadium situated along Nnewi-Ozubulu Road and sharing boundary with Beverly Hills Hotel Limited.

He went further to tell Journalists that Nnewi is not in short supply of eminently qualified men and women who can comfortably occupy that position ranging from renowned businessmen, Academics and academicians, strategists and diplomats among several others, and stated categorically that Ubah’s ambition to govern Anambra State is “not only highly flawed, but dead or arrival”.

Speaking further, Mr Gabros he said “Ubah did not take my advice; in fact, he neglected all that I told him to do as a man nursing leadership ambition.

“It is not only my land that he forcefully acquired, he forcefully acquired, lands belonging to several other persons and they are all hurt. I advised him to go to them for full and proper reconciliation by paying them for their lands, he never did. All these landowners are hurt, go and settle them and then return and announce your governorship ambition and you will get maximum support but he never listened to me.

“Everywhere you go in Nnewi, the reports of how Senator Ubah converted one person’s property or the other are legion. He will come under the pretense that he wants to buy, the moment he is through with information concerning the property that is the end of the story. The next thing is court order where the rightful owner will be barred from entering his own land. And what is even laughable, in all these cases, he has no original land papers or authentic documents pertaining to the lands. This is the same case with Gabros international Stadium which he has since nick named Ifeanyi Ubah Stadium. He tells whoever that cares to hear that he has the courts of the land in his hands. In fact, in my own case, he said that I will spend all my money in court without retrieving that stadium from him. That for 40years the matter will still be lingering in the court while he is using the stadium.”

“But is this the stuff of a Governor?”. Gabros asked rhetorically.

“A leader should have conscience; he must be meek and mild with the ability to carry his people along. But Ubah does not have these qualities.
He stated.

Speaking further on the contested land, Chief Gabriel Chukwuma says,
“I bought that land when Ubah was just about 14years old. I spent all the money I acquired in my youth to purchase the land. I bought it from Ozubulu people, Nnewi people and the Anambra state government, and I have all the papers. Ifeanyi Ubah stepped in and bulldozed everything. He has not paid a kobo for the land up till date, trying to be smart, he approached a judge of an FCT High court Akpo, Abuja, Justice Valentine Ashi and obtained an injunction barring me from entering the land, my own land.

“The question that came quickly to my mind was, can somebody buy land with court order? However, I have since stopped the illegal injunction, thanks to the Appeal Court, Abuja division. And to achieve this, I spent roughly fifty million naira (N50,000,000) of my hard earned income
from my private business but I an happy for being able to vacate the injunction through my lawyers”. He enthused.

ANAMBRA 2021: Ifeanyi Ubah will not win, there is no point - GABROS
ANAMBRA 2021: Ifeanyi Ubah will not win, there is no point – GABROS

Gabros has called on Ubah to hands off his stadium and all adjoining plots of land since they are no longer for sale.

“As it stands now, the Football club, the stadium and adjoining plots of land belong to me. And none is for sale again, in fact, I am look for more to buy if I see therefore I urge Ifeanyi Ubah to hands off without further delay”. Gabros warned.

Asked how senator Ubah gained access into his stadium and all other plots of land, Gabros said, “Actually, I kept that land for my old age. Unfortunately, when I met Ubah thinking he was a good man, I told him I could sell. He quickly became interested but before I could open my two eyes I got into this mess” he regretted.

Chief Chukwuma thanked major stakeholders in Anambra state who have intervened by asking Ubah to pay him if he must own the stadium and all the adjourning plots of land and football club, but all to no avail. He called and appreciated men like the governor of the state, His Excellency, Chief Willy Obiano, business colossuses, Dr Cletus Ibeto (Omekannaya) and sir Emeka Offor among several others.

He tasked governor Obiano not to leave office without addressing the horrible injustices Ubah has melted on several Anambra families.

“Every victim of Ifeanyi Ubah’s Covetousness is looking up to the governor to call Ubah to order. Posterity will be kind to him. I understand that there is a committee in the Ministry of lands, Anambra State the governor has asked to take –up this responsibility. I pray him not rest on his oars. He has started it, he should be able to finish it before exiting office in 2022, the people are hailing him for this action”. He told journalists.

Banking on the 2021 Anambra State governorship race, Gabros concluded by saying “Anambra Stakeholders have met, and we have agreed on who will rule Anambra state come 2022. Ifeanyi Ubah is not contesting and should not bother to contest, that is, if it is true that he wants to contest. In fact, Ubah is not contesting because he has not told me so.”

When reminded that all these issues were there and Ubah won his senatorial seat, he retorted “let that one not worry anybody. We know what happened, It will not happen again and remember, governorship is far bigger than senatorial district, so it is going to be a different ball game all together” he stated.

Gabros International Football stadium is the home ground of Gabros International Football club. It is one of the foremost stadiums in the South-East, Nigeria. It has hosted and still hosts top class national and international Football matches.

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