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Anambra 2021: Why Dr. Godwin Maduka can join Politics – Prof. Pat Utomi

Anambra 2021: Why Dr. Godwin Maduka can join Politics - Prof. Pat Utomi



Anybody who wants to serve and gives sacrificially of himself to elevate the lives of others should come into politics – Prof Pat Utomi


Prof Pat Utomi needs no introduction in any circle. An accomplished Professor of Political Economy, the founder for Centre for Values in Leadership, a former Presidential aspirant and a top management expert, his highly cerebral views and insights on political and economic issues are sought after around the world. His life’s work is not only restricted to the classrooms. He has been engaged actively in running businesses and he sits on the board of several top tier companies. When recently he spoke about the kind of people that should be equipped with political power, one expects that people should take him very serious because he spoke out of the inspiration from the political Bible.

Anambra 2021: Why Dr. Godwin Maduka can join Politics - Prof. Pat Utomi

Speaking to some people on restructuring, while advancing an argument that restructuring is a way of getting money out of politics through productivity instead of the feeding bottle mechanism we currently practice, he opined that politics should be meant for people who have given their lives to elevate the lives of others, whose antecedents show a history of service and love for humanity.



Dr Godwin Maduka perfectly represents that few who Prof Pat Utomi are calling on to offer themselves for public office. These are people whose intentions are not for corrupt enrichment, rather they have come to realize that real happiness comes with the burden of service for the betterment and progress of their societies. Such people must have made tremendous impact in their immediate societies, sacrificing their time, talent, skills and money to uplift others.


The holy book says that he who is faithful in small things can be trusted to be faithful in big things. Politics should be for people who have exceptionally succeeded in their respective callings and now intends to replicate same for the greater good of the greater majority of people, not people whose orientation for acquiring power is for primitive accumulation of wealth or people who wants to enjoy the appurtenances of power without the responsibility thereof. Like somebody said, governance is too serious a business to be left in the hands of politicians alone.



The developmental politics and economic dynamics can be likened to a champions league final, and no club that wants to compete for the title goes to the game with her third eleven. Only the best is fit for us. Dr Maduka perfectly fits the bill and should step up for that higher calling for the manifestation of the glory of our dear State.


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