Anambra deserves another governor like Obiano – Chinedu Obigwe

Anambra deserves another governor like Obiano - Chinedu Obigwe

Anambra deserves another governor like Obiano – Chinedu Obigwe


My prayer is for Anambra not to be in short supply of rare species and beautiful souls like Governor Obiano and Osodieme.


Ndi Anambra are truly blessed with Governor Willie Obiano and his amiable wife Osodieme.


The both of them are undoubtedly rare species and beautiful souls.


Governor Obiano is a contented man that is not over ambitious and he cannot be associated with desperation.


The same thing is applicable to his beautiful Osodieme that is unarguably the most beautiful Governors Wife in Nigeria.


Governor Obiano and his Wife Osodieme are beautiful souls.


I must confess that in Osodieme, Governor Obiano was blessed with a divine protective armour.



What I mean is that God brought Osodieme into Governor Obiano life for a special purpose and that purpose is being fulfilled.


Governor Obiano has surpassed the achievements of his predecessors.


Anybody that want to do an unbiased assessment of Governor Obiano’s administration performance in office must factor all the challenges faced within the period that he was Governor into consideration.


Other Governors that governed Anambra State did not meet the type of enormous challenges Governor Obiano met on assumption of office.


The only good thing about Governor Obiano is that he is not the type that likes complaining because he is good at fixing problems.


I have maintained my stand that the huge amount of money our self acclaimed Saint Peter Obi claimed that he left in Anambra State government coffers is his biggest fraud against ndi Anambra.


The fact is that Peter Obi handed over huge liabilities to Governor Obiano and the Governor decided not to complain knowing fully well that God brought him to govern ndi Anambra for a missionary work purpose and fixing problems is part of that missionary work.


On assumption of office, Anambra was a den of criminals and Governor Obiano fought hard to dislodge them from the State.


His battle against criminals in the State yielded fruitful result and investors started trooping into Anambra.


Both indigenous and foreign investors made Anambra their first choice of destination.


As if that was not enough, Governor Obiano created 3 sensitive agency namely, Awka Capital Development Authority (ACTDA), Anambra State Investment Promotion and Protection Agency (ANSIPPA), Anambra Small Business Agency (ASBA).



The 3 agency has done marvellously well in helping to actualize the vision and mission of Governor Obiano’s administration in our State.


When you eat Anambra rice, you need to have it at the back of your mind that ASBA made it possible for you to be eating that Anambra rice.


We have other indigenous investors that went into rice business because of the fact that Governor Obiano created the enabling environment for business to thrive in the State.


Governor Obiano came into office with a promise to continue to completion all inherited projects and commence new ones.


That promise is being fulfilled. Most of the projects he inherited from his predecessor have been completed while some are still ongoing.

Anambra governor Obiano
Anambra deserves another governor like Obiano – Chinedu Obigwe


The same thing can be said about the projects initiated by his administration. Those that refers to themselves as core politicians will always tell you that Obiano is not a politician.


There reason for saying this is because they see politics as a game of deceit and lies but such cannot be associated with Governor Obiano. Whatever Governor Obiano promised to do is what you will see him doing.



No Governor since the history of Anambra State creation can boast of creating job opportunities for our teeming youth like Governor Obiano. He used job creation to combat crime in the State and succeeded in achieving his aim.


When you hear opposition politicians in the State saying that Governor Obiano is not working just know that such claim was induced by hunger and that they are saying it for their party to be allowed to take over from the ruling party in the State for them to feed their stomach infrastructure appetite.


The reality on ground in Anambra State is that Willie is truly Working and ndi Anambra that are beneficiaries of his good works are happy.


When you hear Willie is Working know it today that he is truly working in all sectors of governance in the State.


The story that is heartbreaking to the opposition in Anambra is that Governor Obiano is about to crown his good works in the State with 3 legacy projects namely, International Cargo and passenger Airport Umueri, 10,000 seaters capacity international conference centre Awka and Awka Township stadium.


The main one that is giving the opposition party members heart attack is the international Cargo and passenger Airport Umueri.


They never believed that the project will come into fruition during Governor Obiano’s tenure because his predecessors paid lips service to the project.


But as at today, the Airport project site has been turned to tourists centre of attraction.


Many opposition figures has visited the project site and confessed with their mouth that Willie is truly working.


The 3 legacy projects will soon be commissioned to the glory of God. I will add that Governor Obiano came to govern Anambra State, faced many challenges and conquered at last.



The story of Governor Obiano’s administration success cannot be complete without the mention of Osodieme contribution.


She contributed immensely to the success story of Obiano’s administration. As Governor Obiano is busy doing the big things, Osodieme on her own part is complimenting his efforts by doing the little things that matters.


She has done a lot for ndi Anambra on the platform of CAFE and the good news is that she has promised to continue touching lives positively in our society even after the expiration of Obiano’s tenure.


Nothing gives Osodieme joy like touching lives positively hence the reason why her own definition of government success is touching lives positively.


Recall that she was quoted of saying that “Whenever and wherever life is touched that government has succeeded “. Osodieme dedicated her life to doing philanthropic work for the needy.


The physically challenged and many others including me that is the author of this piece are proud beneficiaries of Osodieme good heart that is overflowing with milk of kindness. There is no way that you will encounter Osodieme without being blessed.


Governor Obiano and Osodieme believe that the essence of their blessings is for them to bless others hence the reason why they are blessings to ndi Anambra.


My prayer is that such blessings will not be scarce in our beloved State in Jesus Christ name, Amen.

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