Anambra: Honourable Commissioner Stop Lying To Yourself – Icheke Ayamelum Bombs Engr Uchenna Okafor(Wiper)

The stage is set for the Oyi/Ayamelum Federal Constituency to know all that needed to know in relation to the players and gamers of the trending zoning agreement. Hell had been let lose, and festival of fire takes center stage in Oyi and Ayamelum Federal Constituency. A once peaceful Federal Constituency that now celebrates liars, gamers and ego centric politicians. Anti peoples agenda promoters  who turned the zone into ‘push me, I push you’  and monkey styled political intercourse. The ongoing political quagmire in the zone should be urgently resolved.

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Recently, the ugly trend of political events  in Oyi and Ayamelum LGAs has really degenerated, political thugs and touts have been recruited by desperate political office holders who are afraid to face the polls largely due to their abysmal performance in office, these renegades are impatiently waiting for the whistle to ‘takor and dabor’ perceived political rivalries. Regrettably, It has become worrisome how party officials promote anarchism within, laced with partisan innuendoes just for pittance.
APGA  Party hierarchy should step in and quench the raging fire before it escalates to something else. More especially as it concerns  top government functionaries who were fingered sponsoring the ravaging political crisis in Oyi/Ayamelum Federal constituency.
Nowadays, personal interest has beclouded sense of good reasoning as clash of personalities prevailed. The uncouth outburst of Anambra State Commissioner for Transport, Hon. Uchenna Okafor while etching to grab party ticket for  the embattled Lawmaker Onyenwife  had pitched him against major APGA Party stakeholders in Oyi and Ayamelum LGAs respectively. The politically ruffled Lawmaker Gabriel Onyenwife who is currently misrepresenting Oyi/Ayamelum Federal Constituency had discretely  partnered with Hon. Uchenna Okafor and Dr Tim Menakaya in desperate effort to trash and shred the zoning agreement/understanding that saw him to Green chambers in 2015.. It is also, pertinent to know that since the issue of Oyi and Ayamelum zoning understanding came to fore, several millions of crispy Naira notes have surreptitiously exchanged hands all in a bid to mute dissenting voices and convert them to chant anti zoning war songs. The Onyenwife’s idolatry bazaar  hosts auctioneering of ‘egoigwe’ routinely by anti zoning scouts. Many bankrupt politicians of yesteryears had informed that it became necessary to attend such bazaars, in oder to keep body and soul compatible.
It is no longer secret that the only recognisable constituency project of the embattled lawmaker Onyenwife had been; allegedly paying Dr Tim Menakaya Salary, building house for Oyi APGA party chairman Hon Onochie(Taker) and reportedly, sponsoring Hon. Uchenna Okafor to assist in running his reelection campaign. Also, on the concurrent list of constituency expenditures we discovered, one desperate Dr Frank Oramulu the erstwhile proponent of Historical ‘lies’ of Oyi and Ayamelum Federal Constituency, a hired mercenary brandishing invalid document poorly penned against perceived political rivalries of his meal ticket.
To break the ice, The current Deputy Chairman of Ayamelum LGA Hon Icheke an astute political leader cum critical APGA stakeholder in Oyi/Ayamelum had sent a strong message to Hon Uchenna Okafor (Wiper) to desist from running campaign of deceit using him as a scape goat. He went further to tell the world that the issue of Oyi and Ayamelum zoning agreement was orchestrated and championed by Hon Uchenna Okafor who  bowed in total denial of the cause.
“I swear in d name of God Almighty, If Wiper did not tell me dat there was a zoning agreement with Oyi and Ayamelum which paved way for Africa in 2015 which he Wiper was part of, let me Icheke not see good thing in my life again, but if he told me dat which I ve been saying let me continue to see good thing in my life while him Wiper stop seeing good thing till d end of his remaining life. I think his show of words to run me down is over and does not end in lies.” Hon Icheke continued.

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“D Hon. Commissioner did not end at dat but He went ahead also to tell me that as at that day we had d discussion that Africa had not told him that he is going for second tenure, The Hon.Commissioner of Transport later called and told me on a telephone conversation that Africa  later approached him with his second tenure ambition and  he advised Africa  to first of all call the Oyi stakeholders meeting bcoz what he told them in 2015 was that he  wants to complete the Ayamelum 8years term as was early agreed on in 2011 which he is now trying to violent. That He preached to Onyenwife(Africa) little to stand on d said zoning argreement than violating it”. Hon Icheke concluded

“Hon. Commissioner lied over my conversation with him. Though one has to live with his conscience.
I still stand on d resolutions of June 18th Summit held at Umunya”.

It is Oyi turn QED!
Ogbuefi Harris Chuma
Ogene Igbo
Writes from Oyi
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