Before the coming of the wife of the former Governor of Anambra State. The office of the First Lady was uncelebrated, perhaps, a ceremonial backroom. Never before in the history of Anambra State was such office known to be impactful and capable of lifting hopes and assisting that of the Governor’s office in ensuring the welfare and wellbeing of ndi Anambra.


Prior, the Governor would shoulder the burden of the entire State, which had limited the reach and success of Willie Obiano Predecessors.


Dr. Ebelechukwu OBIANO didn’t waste time to bring her supportive and deep family values to bare.


She led a revolution for women and children; the downtrodden, the ordinary and less privileged through her advocacy and devotion to humanitarian services.


In the last eight (8) years, she brought forth her goodwill and charity to augment the office of the Governor.

I cannot begin to detail her many charitable contributions across the 21 local government areas. Her free prosthetic surgeries; building of houses to to displaced and homeless widows and litany of other such activities.


The name of Ebelechukwu OBIANO will always ring a bell in the ears of the mentally challenged people she randomly picked from the streets of Anambra State, housed at the Nteje home and would reunite with their family after healing and skilled.


He sense of charity and supportive life to her husband in the last two term would earn her not just laudable laurels but the nick name of Mama Anambra.


In the last eight (8) years, Osodieme etched her name in the minds and sensibility of discerning ndi Anambra; the ordinary and downtrodden; it will be counter productive to turn her tides against her.


Dr. Ebelechukwu OBIANO has left a bogus shoe for Mrs. Nonye Soludo in the office of the First Lady and we sincerely pray that she succeed.


In the words of Shannon Alder, “Carve your name on hearts, not tombstones. A legacy is etched into the minds of others and the stories they share about you”.


Uloka Chukwubuikem

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