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Difference between Dr. Godwin Maduka and other Anambra Aspirants

Anambra state electorates will be heading to the polls on the sixth of November, 2021, to elect who’ll pilot the affairs of the state for the next four years as the tenure of the incumbent is coming to an end.

Amongst the numerous aspirants jostling to be at helms of affairs at Agu Awka is a man of substance, a man who single handedly turned a town to a city and has promised to turn a city to a country if given the opportunity to serve us as Governor.

His name is Dr Godwin Maduka, a triple Professor from Umuchukwu. His ability to turn things around for good in Anambra state is not in doubt.
With all he has been doing through his foundation to better the lives of the common man, there’s no doubt what he’ll do at Agu Awka with our support.

Ndi Anambra, as we get ready to go elect a new leader, let’s check the antecedents of all the people that have volunteered to serve.
Dr Godwin Maduka’s antecedents dwarfed others and makes him stand tall amongst the numerous aspirants jostling to take over from Governor Obiano.

Ndi Anambra,Anambra can only get better with Dr Godwin Maduka, let’s support him – Dr Godwin Maduka.


Emeka Aniagoh.

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