Andy Uba: Distinguished and Established

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Governance revolves around varying indices. The cardinal indices are the drive for human capital development, upon which all other societal growth indices lie, and the extent to which the developed human capital are empowered.

In 2011, Senator Andy Uba assumed the mantle of service, representing the good people of Anambra South. Prior to his coming, Anambra South has had it more or less average in terms of representative offerings.

In the past seven years,  Senator Uba has had to within the limits of his office as Senator stamp his presence on the 67 communities within the 7 local government areas that make Anambra South.

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The Uga born Senator, in his drive to place Anambra South on the political map of the state has, on several occasions, attempted to govern the state, Anambra. In between, he has remained disposed to attracting seen dividends of democracy to the communities he represent.

Uba, has facilitated procurement and installation of over 30 transformers, constructed and rehabilitated over 50 classroom blocks across various public primary and secondary schools in the zone. He has equally attracted three Skills Acquisition centres to the zone (Umuezee, Igboukwu and Uga) among other numerous constituency projects.

The Senator has equally established himself as a faciliator of employment. Uba has assisted not less than 250 persons to gain employment in federal institutions and other prominent establishments. The Philip Uba memorial complex in Nnamdi Azikiwe University is only but one of the philanthropic commitments of the Senator.

Senator Uba’s ambition to return to the Senate for a third term, is an ambition well deserved. If not for anything, his works, deeds and philanthropic commitments has qualified him. What remains is for the good people of Anambra South to weigh their options, cross their T’s and dot their I’s.

In the end, one man, 7 local government’s, 67 communities and over 100 community inclined projects can only translate to more moving forward.

Kingsley Chukwuemeka Ubani
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