Animals that can put up a fight with the Tiger

Tigers is  the largest of the big cats and are easily recognizable for their dark vertical strips on orange brown fur with lighter underside.


They are apex predators and solitary hunters. They are know for their strength and hunting skills. Most animals would scamper for safety on arrival of the tiger.


However, could there be any animal the tiger should be aware of. The fact that they are on top of their food chain does not mean that they are free from danger in the wild. In fact, the truth is that there are no  animals that are completely free from harm.




Animals that can put up a fight with the Tiger

Though tigers would be favoured to win in a fight against a bear because they feed on meat to survive and have the required skill to kill. They would usually go for the neck bone and its game over. However, getting  hold of a bears neck is difficult given the amount of fat and muscle which is exactly what gives a bear a possible chance to land a blow which could snap a tiger into two.



A tiger again would have an upper hand in a direct confrontation with a crocodile especially if the fight happens on land. However, the story would be different if both animals were to clash in water because crocodiles can slam their jaws with a force above 16,000Newtons which would be very difficult for any specie of tiger to escape from, and this is why tigers are usually very careful when attacking these monsters and would let them be when the odds are not favourable.




The tiger can kill a Python because of its strong claws and jaw strength, however, to be successful, it has to be smart enough to focus near the neck or get into serious trouble, and this is because, the python is notorious for its powerful constricting coils. A mistake from a predator could go wrong and the predator becomes the prey. Most animals know this and would simply avoid the Python.



A Python’s constriction can exert a pressure of about 7psi, which is enough to crush any internal organs, so, in self defense, a careless tiger could get killed.



Porcupines are spiky demons, their quills are used for warding off predators, and would shoot them when provoked. These spiky defensive protrusions can can penetrate the skin of most animals and cause serious internal damage which could lead to death afterwards. In fact, there have been reports of tigers dieing from this spikes and this makes it clear that no animal is entirely safe in the jungle; apex predator or not.




Tigers love to ambush buffaloes, but when things go wrong, a tiger could be killed, and this is because buffaloes would not hesitate to charge at anything considered a threat with their powerful head strikes.


  • GAUR

The GAUR is another animal that kill a tiger. When these animals clash, the tiger does not always emerge victorious,

The gaur is very muscular and aggressive and any tiger could simply get into serious danger on a bad day


– Indian Rhinoceros

Rhinos are huge with strong skin and horn. They would not hesitate to damage a charging tiger. However, tigers have learnt from experience to let these creatures be, and would only resort to hunting them when there no other options.



  • Elephants

Adult elephants have nearly no predators, and this is because of their huge size. A really hungry tiger would rather go for a wounded or baby elephant. A charging adult elephant can crush any animal and all apex predators know this and would rarely pick a fight.