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APGA must not play Lip Service with Free and Transparent Guber Primary

APGA must not play Lip Service with Free and Transparent Guber Primary

The APGA party is expected to hold her Primaries later this month to elect a candidate and flag bearer for the November 6 Gubernatorial polls. The success of the November 6 election depends on the outcome of the party’s primary already slated for June 23rd.


The Media Director of the Hon. Chukwuma Umeoji campaign organisation, Comrade Uloka Chukwubuikem in a telephone interview with newsmen in Awka; said the outcome of the APGA primary will decide the direction the party intends to take in the November election, thus, called on the All Progressives Grand Alliance party, APGA, National and State Working Committee to allow internal democracy dominate the forthcoming Governorship primary in the party so there won’t be any tension or division of purpose going into the main election.


Comrade Uloka, demanded that the leadership of APGA must not play lip service to her position on free and credible primaries, noting that thousands of party faithfuls both at home and in the Diaspora are watching with keen interest and won’t fail to react should the promise of a free and credible primary turn out to become a mere lip service.



It’s no longer news that the coming Gubernatorial election in Anambra State is between the original members of the APGA party and those who have regrouped themselves to become godfathers, hence, the leadership must ensure her neutrality and allow internal democracy to overwhelm individual interest.


He stated that the election would provide another opportunity for the people to deepen democracy, accelerate and consolidate the development recorded by the Governor Willie Obiano Administration.


“The All Progressives Grand Alliance party, APGA, must be true to her promise of conducting not just a free and fair primary election, but credible and transparent devoid of any ills. The party must encourage and deepen internal democracy and shun imposition of candidate in any guise on the people but reward loyalty and consistency, instead of patronising the godfathers”.


Uloka recalled that from 1999 – 2003, Anambra was a State in total darkness and in disarray as a result of absolute control of then godfathers, it took the intervention of APGA in 2006 when the Apex Court returned former Governor Peter Obi as the rightful winner of the 2003 Governorship election in the State, he then laid a foundation for a new Anambra which Governor Willie Obiano inherited and changed the sorry state and misfortune of the Anambra formerly known as Home for all; A state that was once under the shackles of godfatherism was liberated and now a model for many States in Nigeria in terms of Security, human and infrastructural development amongst other success stories.



“It will be suicidal for anyone to think towards the direction of retuning Anambra to her former state of bloodshed, insecurity, zero infrastructural development, et al, and our treasury deployed to servicing some unscrupulous elements in place of godfathers”


Uloka retorted, NEVER again, he said any attempt to drag Anambra State backward will encounter a more tougher resistance.


“The leadership of our great party must not be coerced into changing their stand, position and promise of a free, credible and transparent Guber primary beginning with the delegates convention”.


The card is open for the present leadership of APGA to play their way into history and be remembered for the good they did to the state and the APGA party.


“APGA is the only political party in Anambra State, others are only waiting to benefit from the spoils that may play out after the primary election, hence, the party must not take anyone for granted to avoid the calamity that befell APC in Zamfara State, Rivers State and the raining currently pouring in Imo State”.


Uloka further warned those dropping the name of the Executive Governor of Anambra State to desist from such unholy rituals.



He reminded that the Governor of Anambra State, HE, Governor Willie Obiano has not handpicked anyone to succeed him, rather he has made history as the first ever Governor in the history of Nigerian politics to give the party his full backing to produce a successor through a healthy and free primary election.


Anyone who knows Governor Obiano closely, will say one or two good things about him, – he is a father, team player and a visionary Leader, those linking him to a particular candidate are rather dwelling in their own folly, and taking advantage of his benevolence and magnanimity, No one should be swayed, the Governor’s position is simple and plain, he has asked for a primary and the leadership of APGA has demonstrated willingness to conduct a free primary with the released guidelines, we are all hoping it does not become a mere lip service at the End. Uloka concluded.

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