APGA: Why Soludo is not the Solution.

APGA vs Professor Chukwuma Soludo: A Political party is a special purpose vehicle used to win power (Political Power). Parties have manifestos and an elected official is expected to act in accordance with the manifesto of his party. Membership of a Political party ought to be based on belief in the manifesto and a genuine will and intent to adhere to that Manifesto. A party is not what should be picked up and dumped at will. Often times, the stronghold of a Political party is built by years of hard by regular party men in wards,villages and Cities.


A party begin to loose its juice when after laboring to build a party “Strangers” show up with their brief cases to hijack the structure of the party just to succeed in an election. Such strangers bear no allegiance nor have any loyalty to the party. Anambra is getting ready for its most important election, which is the Gubernatorial election stated for the last quarter of 2021.


APGA no doubt is the dominant political party in Anambra State and it’s almost certain to win the Gubernatorial election in the absence of any political gymnastics that one has So often seen in different parts of the country. It is thus understandable why there is a scramble for the APGA ticket and why all manner of people are trooping to APGA and professing the core value of APGA.


Amongst the names so far mentioned and with overt acts of lobbying for the position of Governor, one name stands out and that name is Professor Chukwuma Soludo.


The first question that comes to mind is this: Is Professor Soludo a Member of APGA? Now party membership goes beyond having the party card issued by a ward Chairman. Does he share the core values of “Onye aghana Nwanne ya”? The answer is No. He has not demonstrated that creditably in previous opportunities he has had. Professor Soludo contested for Governorship of Anambra In 2010(10 years ago) on the platform of PDP. Now he wishes to contest the same position on the platform of APGA, a party he criticized its manifesto in 2010. What has changed?


At the level of Professor Soludo, he should not be static. He is well traveled and educated. He of all people ought to know that you only have a shot at high office once. He shouldn’t be seen to be seeking this same office after 10 years. Shall we call this Desperation?

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The bell has not toiled for campaigns and political activities towards the Anambra Governorship election and yet Professor Soludo supporters are canvassing political support towards a future election. He is no longer masking his ambition. All forms of groups and organizations are projecting his candidature and drumming support for him. This is distracting the sitting Governor, who still has about two years in his tenure. Rather than help the Governor succeed, the Professor Soludo Political structures is working to take over office in future. Worse still, the sitting Governor is of the same political party.


Professor Soludo could best be described as “Government House party Member” perhaps only known by those in Government House. He is not known to associate with his party men. He selects events to attend, he attends those events where he will have FaceTime and opportunity to make an impression on the powers that be but shuns opportunities to interact and visit with party faithful across the state.


This is not a character trait of a future Governor of Anambra State. One of the major considerations in deciding a flag bearer in a ruling party is “CONTINUITY “. We achieve continuity by selecting a candidate that believes in the manifesto of the party and is prepared to follow same and by doing so continuing the policies of the previous administration.

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APGA: Why Soludo is not the Solution.
APGA: Why Soludo is not the Solution.

Professor Soludo is renowned for his superiority complex. We therefore do not want a Governor that will come in and reverse all the policies of Governor Willie Obiano in the last eight years. This will be disastrous for Anambra and APGA as a party. Besides, do we trust that if given the Governorship of Anambra State that after four years Professor Soludo will still keep this seat for APGA or join another party with our mandate, hoping to secure another lucrative future higher position in Abuja. We must not knowingly give up what we have fought so much to build and maintain.


Again, what is the electoral acceptance of Professor Soludo in Anambra? An impassioned survey will determine that Professor Soludo (Brilliant as he is, is not on ground in Anambra Politically), will be a hard sell starting from his home community and local government. We certainly do not want a Governor who will come in and upset the political equilibrium in Anambra, a Governor that will alienate party men, who suffered for his election and opt for fly by night “Intellectuals” who have no linking of the peculiarities of Anambra State.


Anambra is not a textbook and does not require academic solutions. Our solution is in a practical Politician, one who is honest, humble and humane. One who understands the needs of Anambra and the power equation in the State. Our next Governor ought to be someone who has been living in Anambra in the past 8 years at least.




Chief Chris J. Okoye, has been a Member of APGA since inception and upholds the core values of the party without apologies. He writes from Awka, Anambra State

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