Are The Igbos Ready?

Igbos and their herd mentality

I must commend the President General of Ọhaneze, Chief Amb. George Obiozor for his unrelenting support and clamor for Nigerian President of Igbo extraction. In same manner, commend all well meaning Igbo minority calling for the Presidency to be micro zoned to the East. Majority are still confused on whether they want to be in Nigeria or elsewhere.


At the moment, we have just Two National parties who can comfortably contest for the Presidency seat in Nigeria and win. That’s the PDP and APC, others are either regional or lackey parties not worthy of consideration.


Amongst the two, only the APC has shown interest to pick her next Presidential candidate from the SOUTH. The PDP are still playing their normal hide and seek, while toying with the emotions of the political vulnerable Igbos, perhaps, the chances that they’ll allow any Igbo aspirant come close to the ticket is not feasible and the Igbos in the party knows this for a truth.


Certainly, the APC is closer to having an Igbo Presidential candidate more than the People’s Democratic Party.


The interest of every political party is to win elections. No party will be willing to lose any election deliberately, not to talk of a party in control of power. The APC today are in control of power and have shown interest in picking her next Presidential candidate from the South whilst arguments are still ongoing about micro zoning to the East.

Considering the level of ethnic profiling and hate the Easterners have for the APC party, it’s clearly evident that if the APC considers to micro Zone the Presidency to the East, the candidate will most likely fail in the region and the party isn’t prepared to lose power or face betrayal.


If the APC should allow an Igbo man who have the least stake in the party to fly her Presidential ticket, perhaps, our brothers from the East would ostracize him. He will be nicknamed political Ifeajuna, a caliphate stooge on a mission to sale Igbos and Igbo land to their Fula master. We will have groups threatening No election in Biafra land. Even the unfortunate elites would question his decision to be used by the caliphate to bring Igbos down to their toes for simply being favored to achieve the long dream of Nigeria President of Igbo extraction. That’s the level of radicalization and misinformation who have done to our young vulnerable people in the East. If a Candidate of a leading political party is not welcomed at home, how then will others align?


In fielding candidates for election, political parties must first access their area of strength and consider candidates from those areas. In the South East, it’s clear that the Party will face resistance and with the introduction of BIVAS voting technology, it won’t be business as usual.


It will be ideal and a better way to renegotiate Nigeria’s unity, if the Igbo man is allowed to become President in 2023, but No party, Not the APC would allow self to be ambushed for any reason whatsoever.


First, the Igbos elites and leaders of thought must come together and proclaim if they wish to remain in Nigeria or in the wilderness. If there’s anyone willing to make the Igbos mount the seat of power at Aso Villa in 2023, that Man is President Muhammadu Buhari, but the political calculation doesn’t project the Igbos as being ready.


No party will give her ticket to a candidate who will be ostracized by his own people for his association with perceived enemies. Rather than clamor alone, we must come forward with enough proof that we have learnt from our mistakes. Politics at this level is about participation not favoritism.


The PDP is not ready to look at the Igbos, not anytime soon. They subjected us to mockery and mere secessionists. The Igbos can No longer continue in the opposition and glued to emotional politics.

Again and for the umpteenth time, Nigeria is not going to divide anytime soon, perish that thought and rescue self from hallucination. The earlier we realize this and act, the closer we get to liberation.


We seem technically knocked out, while the Majority of North and West dine and wine with what we all own together, and would reserve for us a paltry sum, because we have refused to participate; instead recline to emotions, sentiment and noise in the guise of Opposition.



Uloka Chukwubuikem

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