Arthur Eze threatens to sue Obiano over bad Governance and Poll

Arthur Eze threatens to sue Obiano over bad Governance and Poll


“It will be in the interest of Arthur Eze to stop ridiculing himself.


He succeeded in using his first press conference to turn himself to a laughing stock in igbo land and Nigeria at large.


No doubt of the fact that goofed in that press conference and attracted condemnation from lots of reasonable minds to himself.


Arthur Eze threatens Obiano

With his second press release that is aimed at making a fruitless effort to paint Governor Obiano black,I now know that the sycophants around him that are manipulating him are hell bent in destroying his remaining goodwill.


Arthur Eze that knows nothing about governance is accusing Governor Obiano of poor governance, wonders shall never end.

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As for threatening to sue Governor Obiano for non conduct of Local government election, I will say that he allowed himself to be misinformed and he is currently deformed.


Dwelling on misinformation will fetch him disgrace because if he is well informed, he will know that litigation is what stopped the Governor from conducting local government election.


When a matter is subject to litigation, the right thing to do is to maintain the status quo and that is what Governor Obiano is doing on the issue of Local government poll.

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His claim that Governor Obiano is not giving the Traditional rulers what is due to them is laughable because it’s well known to ndi Anambra that Governor Obiano restored the pride of our Traditional rulers and he is not denying them anything.


Any Traditional ruler that complained that Obiano’s administration is denying Traditional rulers their right must be a hungry and mischievous Traditional ruler.


His Royal Majesty igwe Alfred Achebe (Agbogidi ),the Traditional ruler of Onitsha Kingdom is the Chairman of Anambra State Traditional rulers council and he is the only person in the rightful position to talk about the interest of Traditional rulers in Anambra State, any other Traditional ruler doing that is a busy body.


Arthur Eze should stop mocking himself by dwelling on misinformation.


He should also know that the thousands of people he is responsible for their job loss at Premier brewery are not happy with him and if care is not taking their cry for justice is responsible for Arthur Eze’s recent missteps that is already soaking him in the mud.


Levelling a fabricated allegation against Governor Obiano will not help Arthur Eze rather it will reduce him to nothing especially when Governor Obiano did not do anything wrong to him.


Lots of newspapers lambasted him in their editorial page for his bad remarks against igbo’s in his first press conference and if he is reasonable, he will learn a lesson from that disgraceful outing that he called press conference.


As at today in Nigeria, Arthur Eze has succeeded in using that first press conference to destroy his goodwill especially in Igbo land.


I advise him to go and read Vanguard newspaper last week editorial on his bad remarks against Igbo’s and see how he made a mess of himself.


The best thing for him to do is to stitch his mouth and avoid messing up himself the more.



Daalu nu.


Chinedu Obigwe

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