As Yahoo Plus and Ritual Killings Trend

Nowadays, the rate of killings perpetrated by young guys in the name of money making is becoming more worrisome. Almost on a daily basis, videos of young guys killing some ladies in gruesome manner are seen online and it is sad that most of these young guys appear to be below the age of 30 while some even appear to be underage (Below 18 years).


Some if not all of these guys claim to be into yahoo yahoo or Yahoo-Plus while looking for young ladies to drink their blood and these ladies, who know little or nothing about them easily fall into their trap due to either greed or wanting ‘to belong’. Also, one won’t be surprised if most of these ritualists are Non Academic Students who chose to live in hotels instead of hostels.

As Yahoo Plus and Ritual Killings Trend
As Yahoo Plus and Ritual Killings Trend

Anybody reading this should listen, all that glitters is not gold. Don’t be intimidated by beautiful pictures or luxury exhibited by many on social media and never force yourself into the so called “class”. Most of those folks flaunting wealth or beautiful pictures taken in VIP venues online are not living fine in real life. In fact, most of them are suffering from severe depression thereby making them to seek for validation from the outside world.


Above all, in any relationship you chose to be, don’t be desperate, avoid greed, close your eyes to pray and open your eyes to see. May God protect us.

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