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Aso Rock to hand over power to ISFC

Southern Presidency Gathers Momentum as Ortom, Middle Belt Endorse Demand

Aso Rock to hand over power to ISFC – – In order to make this shocking post short and precise, let me use numerical points. If you like, agree with me. if you like, keep believing all the lies the government is feeding you with.

By this time next 2 months, your eyes would clear.


  1. Boko Haram, Bandits, Fulani herdsmen and a section of the Nigerian Army with the consent of Buhari and his Cabals are planing to hand over power to ISFC (Islamic State of Fulani Caliphate).


  1. Boko Haram would strike and sack Abuja in the next 2 months.



  1. The game plan is for them to take over Aso Rock and the seat of power. Then the military would stylishly surrender to them. And that is the end game.


  1. Nigerian Military is not weak as you think. It is just that the service chiefs are part of the ISFC game plan.


  1. Boko Haram Fighters are more in number than the Nigerian troops.


  1. Lai Mohammed, Adesina, Osibanjo and other non core Caliphate members don’t know the evil that will befall them soon as they may be wiped out.


  1. An average member of the Caliphate is ready to die in the course of this ISFC project. This is the reason why their scholars are preaching to them that if bandits kill them, they (the killed) would go straight to heaven. They are not afraid of death incuding Buhari.



  1. Let’s say for instance, Boko Haram bombs Aso Rock and kills Buhari, Buhari who is already above 80 years believes that Allah would reward him for this major sacrifice for ISFC project.


  1. There is strong military presence in the southern region especially the South east because that would be the last region to be conquered by ISFC. That region is always difficult to conquer. The white colonialists and Islam did not find it easy there.


  1. All southerners should put aside their differences and take this message seriously. Whether you are Muslim or Christian, your life is at risk. Unless you are among the Muslims that believe that you will go to heaven if bandits (ISFC military) kill you.


  1. Mbaka has seen the hand writing in the wall and has withdrawn. All Southerners dining with and supporting this government should do so with a very long spoon because disaster is coming.


  1. Ask your self this question. Have you seen Atiku, Tambuwal, or Kwankwanso condeming the activities of Fulani headsmen. No. Did they condemn Pantami’s support and admiration of Osama Bin Laden? No. Even Shehu Sani condemned Igboho’s actions against Fulani herdsmen but never condemned herdsmen’s activities in the south.



  1. Even the NIN and sim card linkage is part of the game plan. They don’t need NIN to catch the bandits or Islamic terrorists because they know them very well.


  1. Save this post and watch out as the events unfold.



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