Dr. Godwin Maduka’s Security Plan for Anambra State: One of the primary purpose of government as enshrined in Nigerian constitution is the provision of security and welfare of citizens. This objective is not lost on Dr. Godwin Maduka who has for a very long time taken keen interest in the provision of security and welfare of his people as evidenced in his activities at Umuchukwu and elsewhere.


Dr. Maduka has never failed to emphasize that no society can progress or develop without adequately addressing issues surrounding security of lives and property. He has engaged his personal resources as a private citizen to provide security agencies with well equipped offices and materials to make their work more effective.

It is a well known fact that Dr. Maduka has also provided welfare for the security agencies in form of officers’ mess and barracks.


What more can Anambrarians ask for? if he could do all these with his personal resources, it obviously suggests the importance he will attach to security in Anambra state.


Imagine what he could do if he were at the helm of affairs in the state because Dr. Godwin Maduka is not oblivious of the fact that security is a collective responsibility and has different dimensions. He has really shown preparedness to provide adequate security for the state when he becomes Governor.

He has proposed a multidimensional approach to various security problems facing Anambra state by engaging modern technology and bringing down policing to the people to ensure stability in socio economic life of the state as well as providing the state with a new lease of life.

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Dr. Maduka had earlier noted that security concerns also involves the welfare of the people, that is why his security architecture for Anambra State has a multi-dimensional approach that will create conducive environment where opportunities abound for investors, industrialists and SMEs in the state thereby generating multiple employments for our teeming youths.

Ndi Anambra, I know it is possible because Dr. Maduka did it in Umuchukwu and he’s willing to replicate it across the state if given the opportunity to do so. My people, LET THE LIGHT SHINE.



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