First, any reader of this distinct copacetic- catacaustic Article is about the life and achievements of an illustrious son of Adamawa, His Excellency Alhaji Atiku Abubakar.


This much talked about and highly celebrated personality in whom many are well pleased has tossed into my mind since I was but a boy.


Without delay, I grasped the idea of preparing myself to reveal to the world, the intention of a man whose sense of sacrifice towards the service of mankind is enormous and driven with honesty of purpose, transparency, fear of god and love for humanity.


The factors aforelisted necessitated me to begin to think that I would be willing to spend month of Sundays or even more to preach the exemplary character of our man. I said I would and I’ve kept my promise…


I understand, that this Article cannot pretend to be a comprehensive catalogue of even a negligible percentage of the colossal feats of this political guru but in line with the deathless words of the accomplished Philosopher Mary Jean “We have to preach what winners practice for others to emulate”. Thus, the raison de’tre for this Article.


Again, I must state, without being repetitive that these information are not founded upon short time experience. They are the result of many years of careful analysis of the leadership potentials of one of the greatest politicians Nigeria has known.

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To grok the character of Alhaji Atiku Abubakar , one must go back to his childhood, and to the kind of upbringing he had.


Atiku Abubakar was born on 25th of November 1946 in Adamawa state, North-East Zone of Nigeria, into a have-not family, he was orphaned at tender age but overcoming poverty and his rebellious nature, he struggled to obtain an education and developed into one of the pragmatic geniuses of his time.

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As the only child of his parents,he had to take care of himself and take on responsibility way beyond his years.But this hardly affected his weltanschauung spirit, his polished discipline, and his constant good cheer made good both in politics and business.


Perhaps, because of his own struggle to overcome poverty,through perseverance and humane disposition,he became obsessed with finding solutions with why people fail to achieve true financial success and happiness in their lives.


These difficulties were sufficient to have discouraged anyone in his shoes from making any attempt to carry out this desire.But his was no ordinary desire,his faith,his fecund desire,his persistence and imagination were the real ingredients that helped him reach this ‘Apogee‘ which others weakness denied them…


For everything we undertake in life, there is a beginning and an end. But between the beginning and the end, there is a middle where we often face challenges, detours, series of tests, cross an array of hurdles, overcome myriad of impediments and win against cornucopia of hindrances.


Weak minds rarely finish well what they started, but give up along the line, but strong minds like Alhaji Atiku Abubakar refuse to give up because of their lion-like strength, scepter-like straightness and warrior-like bravery….





Politics which is termed as the methodology and activities associated with running a government or an organization has been transmogrified in Nigeria by the guiles, stained, missionless and dirty politicians who use such position to better their lives at the expense of their fellow citizens. Such doings are practically total deviation of the meaning of the word and the legacies of our heroes past who fought murderously hard and won for this nation Independence in year 1960.


Politics in Nigeria today is described as a corrupt trade and dirty professional laced with *fraud* , *boot licking* and malversation and occupied by unskilled politicians who have no business in the game whatsoever, thereby producing corrupt leaders.


However,as the situation is, there are still abound wee virtuous politicians if granted the totem of leadership. They are leaders anointed like prophets and messiahs, who bestride the whole world like the legendary Colossus and who are as stainless as the stainless steel. Those are the epitome of upright, resolute, determined and outstanding in service to humanity.


My subject Atiku Abubakar is one of such fewest virtuous leaders per excellence.


Atiku Abubakar has consistently identified representative democracy ever since he was a youth, a wealth of evidence in his past administration is enough to prove this. Many people across the length and breadth of the nation have always objectively attest to the fact that he is an extraordinary, dynamic and visionary leader.


A learned man even suggests his sense of mission, before swinging into politics as the vehicle to his moral commitment.


He was already a natural established man, attracted to leftish politics but cautious and certainly not one of the extremist.. these were the influences that stayed with him.


More pertinent, nevertheless, is the submission of a scholar when he posits among other things, that he is the most significant and productive vice-president Nigeria has ever produced. He earned such avalanche of kudos on the basis of his personal achievement,his ability to enhance his power via reshuffles,his huge majority lovers,his high international reputation and his incontrovertible high media profile.


Practice P.H.D (Pull Him Down) and accusations leveled against him are completely unfounded and indeed wicked.


As time goes by, argued some critics: “he will get worse if he becomes president”. But in contrast, every leading politician and a host of compos-mentis hoi poloi knows that, in this media age, rumour, vendetta, ipsedixitism and cheap blackmail are tralatitious and widespread, not only that insinuation is close to fiction.


It is a common knowledge that Alhaji Atiku Abubakar is wealthy. He should not be criticized for enjoying the benefits of comfortable life he has been divinely bestowed with by Providence, especially when he works so murderously hard for donkey years to acquire them.


Some say he is in a kind of hurry and too desperate to become president. Their own intuition needs to guide them to the crystal clear truth that “time waits for none” who reasonably want to be an achiever and make his mark of leadership legacy.


Rumours and blackmail mongers also need to inject into their skulls that Atiku Abubakar’s desire is born out of the urgency of a man of action, someone who understands the cul-de-sac and dystopian states Nigeria and its people are. He, therefore, cannot wait to catapult it away from the land of Egypt to the promised Land of Canaan.



As at today, Nigeria is in dire straits and our infrastructures have gone comatose, the country cannot feed itself, while pipe-borne water is still a luxury in virtually all over the country.


The three (3) types of Roads in Nigeria are virtually death traps while life and property are very insecure in the most part of the country, the education sector is crying for revival, unemployment is threatening social cohesion, security and democracy and the Health care delivery system in the country is yet to meet with the challenges of the twenty-first century, especially in relation to the health element of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGS).


This simply means that our hard won democracy is yet to translate into significant improvement in our lives and Nigeria is yet to see a government that is totally and sincerely committed to stiring us at our eldorado.


In an attempt to remedy these problems, came Alhaji Atiku Abubakar with the principal purpose to accelerate progress, salvage the economy and optimize economic potentials for sustained growth and development.


Being one that is ordained to lead and serve his people is the secret behind Atiku’s ability to evolve promising agenda to the dire straits of the country. When he canvassed for the highest office of the Land in year 2019, his agenda was unarguably better than that of any other politician this country has ever produced.


Abubakar does have a vision for Nigeria which represents a consistent modernised version of the principle of democracy,his diagnostic and therapeutic wizardry *Agenda* is very awe-inspiring than the miracles fabricated in scientific laboratories.

A x-ray through his following programs as itemized below would give you a fair idea of what this man is.

— my plan will give Nigerian Youths a world class education

–my plan will cater for the elderly,so our people aren’t afraid of growing old

–my plan will invest in our failing infrastructure

–if elected president, I will be pro-active in attracting investments and supporting the fifty(50) million small and medium scale enterprises across Nigeria for the purpose of doubling the size of our Gross domestic product to US$900 billion by 2025.


These investments will create a minimum of 2.5 million jobs annually and lift at least 50 million people from poverty in the first two years.


-But above all, my plan will help create jobs because in many travel across our great Nation the one consistent thing I hear wherever I am is that our people need Jobs.


In addition to the foregoing,his Excellency seeks to achieve too,the laudable objective of *privatizing* the NNPC due to the perennial problem of fuel scarcity, increase in fuel rate which has become characteristics of the Nigerian economy, arising from the government failure to revive the comatose refineries.

The imperative of overcoming the perennial problem of petroleum product scarcity underlies his romance with the privatization option.


This option if wholeheartedly implemented, expectedly should bring about the much desired changes in the operation and management of the refineries, since it will make possible the flow of investments desperately needed for the maintenance, expansion and re-positioning of the refineries,for improved performance in a liberalized environment.


But, the saddest streak noticeable is that those who are vociferous as opposition figures levied animadversion on the privatization policy. The reason for their Stark opposition is their selfish and gluttonous considerations other than any real desire to steer the ship of state out of the troubled water.


To that extent, Multitude of Nigerians wallows in squalor and abject poverty.


FINAL WORD: To my long suffering country men and women, my message is this: this is not asking too much from my fellow citizens, Nigerians must take their destinies in their own hands by voting this indispensable leader who is set to nip the graft in the bud come year 2023

A man whose commitment to get Nigeria working again has not been pretentious.



Atiku Abubakar Is the man of today and the man of the moment,the most viewed, ,the most discussed, the Nigerians’ delight,An alien from the Atlantis in our own society,the Nightmare of corrupt politicians, An agent of change, who has regularly given of his very best to this Nation and whose comment on National issues are viewed with seriousness and Respect.


This is understandable, for as the French Philosopher Montaigne averred:
“To make judgment about great things, a soul of the same stature is needed otherwise we ascribe to them that vice which is our own”.


A rider of Many parts, of in the course of a long productive career,he has distinguished himself not only as an intelligent leader but also as a philanthropist, altruistic and pure democrat.His dignified bearing and his own uncompromising integrity have been a gift not only to his Native land Yola, not merely to his beloved Adamawa but to the entire Nation.


This sui generis political guru began his journey to this world,far back as November 25th 1946, striving and recurring positively in giant leaps,first, as a bairn then a peddler,a student, a young custom officer and a kind boss and leader that was called to serve his Father land as Vice-president, the precisely May 29,1999 and whose vice-presidency administration witnessed a whirlwind of activities and more policy initiatives than
regimes of all other vice-presidents of this country combined.


Registered as PDP card carrying member, called to contest the presidential election and what more president and commander in Chief of the Armed Forces Federal republic of Nigeria come 2023 in sha Allahu.


This Article has preached the leadership acumen and Sterling qualities of the man called Atiku Abubakar.
Doubtless, the informations here conveyed will be of practical help to any person having any form of leadership traits, and also serve as road map to those who aspire to lead and even those who are currently leading below expectation while emulating the personality this Article is all about.


REASON: This is because there is transcendent power in example, it reforms others unconsciously when they get one.


I am afraid I have taken up too much of your time in telling you of ATIKU ABUBAKAR.


Because of the constraints of space and time, may I, conclude this dulcet travelogue with the following words.


“He Who Leaves His Footprints In The Sands Of Time, That one is Named Evergreen”.




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