Avocado: Why you need this fruit for a healthy lifestyle

Avocado: Why you need this fruit for a healthy lifestyle


As a food scientist, I have found out that plant protein are more of a good source that animal( This is because of the effective animal protein have on our microbial guts and also the effect on the useful microbes in our gut).


I found a lot of fruit very interesting but today I will be sharing more light on avocado. Make sure you eat an avocado today!


Avocado: Why you need this fruit for a healthy lifestyle



Avocado seed flour has been shown to reduce total cholesterol and “bad” LDL cholesterol, high cholesterol and Bad often called the “bad” cholesterol because it collects in the walls of your blood vessels, raising your chances of health problems like a heart attack or stroke .



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Avocado may reduce blood sugar levels, thereby helping the body to stabilize Blood sugar and maintain balance.




Blood pressure:

Avocado seed extracts may help relax blood vessels, which helps to reduce blood pressure, a key risk factor for cardiovascular diseases.

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Avocado seed have strong antioxidant properties, antioxidant are high functional nutrient in food and plant. Since they are mostly phytochemical, they are easily and speedily digested and perform their functions faster and better .



The  seed extract of this fruit  has been known to stop the growth of Clostridium sporogenes, a spore-forming bacteria.



The seed has inhibited fungal growth. In particular, it can inhibit Candida albicans, a yeast that often causes problems in the gut.



How to make use of Avocado Seeds to get the best from them.

Collect the seeds from as many Avocado as you can get . Cut them into pieces and air them to get dry, you can also microwave. Ensure that it is completely dried. Place these dried seeds into either a grinder or even a Mortal(pounded yam) and grind/pound untill it becomes a powder. Sieve to get very fine powder. Pour your powder into a container and place in your kitchen cabinet. You can also grate them while fresh and then microwave the powder.



How To Use the grated  Seeds 

A teaspoon of these Avocado seed powder inside a cup of warm water, stir and drink on an empty stomach. You can take this twice a week or daily depending on the severity of what you’re trying to address. You can also add them in little quantity as spice into your meals while cooking. Suitable for all persons.


It can be used as a preventive measure for the aforementioned ailments.


Avocado is also a great fruit for pregnant women, it contains all the essential nutrient that that the little one needs.


Also lactating mother’s will find avocado very useful as it’s a good source of carbohydrates and a great source of energy .



How to make smoothies with this fruit.

One Avocado

Three dates

Some coconut milk

Add one small cup of water .

Then blend .




You can drink after blending or keep in the refrigerator to be taken as a chilled smoothies.


Also you can literally add this fruit to almost all your food, maybe except for food you cook under very high temperature in order not to destroy the available nutrients.


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