Babeth Lando has forgotten Jesus in few Photos

Congolese Gospel singer Babeth Lando Causes stir in quite revealing photos.


Although many of us are familiar with some of the stunning faces in the Nollywood industry, it’s always energizing to meet new people, especially in nearby African nations. This also applies to the Congolese singer Babeth Lando who recently posted fresh photos of herself on her Instagram account.


Babeth Lando is an alleged gospel singer, content producer, and businesswoman who never ceases to flaunt her beauty while inspiring fresh fashion trends with her stunning attire. She stated when posting these images that she simply wanted everything to live up to the anticipation of her followers for her most recent uploads.

Babeth Lando has forgotten Jesus in few Photos

As expected, immediately after the photos surfaced online, her fans and followers who came across the post quickly rushed down to the comment box section to express their reactions from different perspectives.


According to reports, the multi-talented singer was introduced to the gospel when she was just 5 years old where she became a member of her church choir.


At the age of 15, she decided to take her gospel music career a notch higher and that was when she formed her gospel band known as Black Rose.

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She was a member of 2 famous gospel choirs (Gospels 100 voices and Gospellissimo) from 2001 to 2004.


Babeth Lando was born in a city in Congo where she grew up with her parents until she was 5 years old and they moved to France where she had her education.


While she was in France with her parents, Babeth Lando took her education serious, despite pursuing her music career.

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Babeth Lando has forgotten Jesus in few Photos

She is also a fitness trainer who has attained beauty and a nice body shape as a result of intense training procedures which she always share on her Instagram page.


Ms Babeth Lando is still a single lady worth $450,000


Babeth is definitely a woman to be admired. She is one of the most popular model in the Gospel music industry. Although she sings most times in French, her music cuts across every region and tribe.

Babeth Lando has forgotten Jesus in few Photos

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