Bandits won’t become another Boko Haram under me – Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari on Monday told Nigerians that his government has weakened Boko Haram.


He also allayed fears that bandits will grow to another big challenge as faced by the Boko Haram threat.


Speaking when he hosted some FCT residents at the State House on Monday, Buhari urged Nigerians to create a hostile environment for criminals hiding in communities.

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He warned that by protecting criminals, they are endangering their own security and that of their community.


The Nigerian leader said no criminal can thrive “in an environment where he faces the risks of exposure by the people”.

Bandits won’t become another Boko Haram under me – Buhari
Bandits won’t become another Boko Haram under me – Buhari

Buhari informed citizens that his administration has allocated huge resources to improve the capacity of security forces by providing adequate equipment and improving their welfare.

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Abuja, according to him, has witnessed remarkable improvements in terms of security unlike in the past.


“Road barricades had overrun the capital city and people had to pray in fear because of the anxiety of terrorist attacks. No place in FCT was beyond the terrorist. Not the United Nations building, nor the Police Headquarters.


“But today, the situation is no longer so. We have significantly weakened and crippled the capabilities of the Boko Haram terrorists so much that they no longer have the ability to seize, and occupy any Nigerian territory without being repelled by our gallant troops.

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“We can’t say that the terrorists are one hundred percent destroyed, but we have destroyed their ability to seize our territory. This improvement in terms of significantly weakening the enemy is necessary for finally defeating them.


“The rate at which the terrorists are giving up their weapons and surrendering to our troops is a significant and welcome development,” he said.

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