BBC Black Axe Documentary aimed to restrain African Freedom



by Umudjere Africaman
Chairman, Africa Quest for Development
Abuja, Nigeria


The recent trending video called Black Axe purportedly published on Youtube by BBC Africa Eye though later censored by the YouTube management has caught my attention and has inculcated in me some bothering issues; I have been pondering on why the video was published. The investigator made it clear that he was on a personal mission, this clearly indicates that there is an imperative rationale behind the Documentary. It is therefore presumed to destroy the NBM of Africa and its prospective mission of reclaiming Africa lost heritage and cultural integrity as well as combating the ills levied against Social Justice and Equality of our people.

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The commencement of the Documentary portrayed an insight and proposed intentions of the investigator; he made it clear that he embarked on the investigation because his friend was a victim of cult clashes. For his friend to have been a victim of that ugly incident also makes one to ask: Is his friend a member of one of the cult groups; I guess that his friend might be one of the cult groups similar to the Black Axe which is disheartening to accommodate. According to my findings, the investigator is by full name Otunba Gbolahan Peter Macjob who is from Ijebu-Mushin in Southwest Nigeria and also a member of the governing board of Nigerian Youth Congress (NYC); he is a politician that contested for House of Representative (Abeokuta South Constituency) in 2019. I also found out he is on the “Personal Mission” not just to avenge the death of his friend but also to aid his Political ambition; his deceitful desire to fulfill his Political ambition was also buttressed when he called out the heroic DJ Switch who stood to testify as a witness of the Lekki EndSARS massacre to be prosecuted. The investigator was the only journalist that violated his profession of journalism by seeking the prosecution of a victim and witness of the Army Brutality at the Lekki toll gate; this act clearly request one to ask: What on earth will make a human being with a conscience to seek penalty for a hero “DJ Switch” who want justice for a people massacred for expressing their rights? This no doubts explains the cruel intents of the investigator “Otunba Gbolahan Peter Macjob” to satisfy his Political urge.

More importantly, the investigator “Otunba Gbolahan Peter Macjob” said in the Documentary and I quote:

“I can recall that day my friend was killed at this point why I was watching him die”

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My question to the investigatot ” Otunba Gbolahan Peter Macjob”: What were you doing there with your friend?


I have heard alot of whispers and gossips that the investigator “Otunba Gbolahan Peter Macjob” and his deceased friend were members of the Eiye confraternity which I cannot attest to but truth be told; why will a cult group come for one who they have no conflict with. Judging from the Documentary, the interviewed members of Black Axe who were masked made it clear that they don’t kill innocent people and they always fight for justice; thus, the Black Axe group as reported by the investigator must have conflict with his friend, that led to them killing him. It might be true according to gossips that he was lucky that day when the Black Axe attacked him and his friend as members of a rival group and this might form part of his reasons for investigating the Black Axe.


The inhumane killings executed by Black Axe and other identified cult groups is worth investigating and bequeathing penalties to them is most appropriate; but what gave rise to this article is the inclusion of NBM of Africa which has over the years disassociated itself from Black Axe.

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The investigator failed to acknowledge the fact that the Black Axe is not NBM of Africa, this he should have done when the interviewed persons cited NBM of Africa as Black Axe; I am a Pan African and I am conscious of the fact that western corporations are out there propagating measures to exterminate any progressive Pan African Group. They wish to end the agitations of these Pan African groups who have pledged to right the wrongs and put away mental slavery that was metamorphosed from physical or colonial slavery.


The NBM of Africa which I have observed some years now have publicly engaged in acts and events geared towards Africa cultural promotion and the sustainability of the fight against the violated, infringed and oppressed; they have outrightly and publicly condemned the Afrophobic attacks in Africa, thus, it is amazing to see such a group envisaged by the BBC as an Afrophobic group. The Documentary outrightly elicits the NBM as an organization that combats and kill fellow Africans; this is laughable, annoying and provocative. The identified interviewers were masked for fear of been killed but Dr Stone and Mr Kabaka weren’t because they seem strong and a replica of what they practiced and maybe still practicing which is “killing”. The NBM of Africa as a registered Organization with the Corporate Affairs Commission no doubts has a data base and it is no doubt that any registered member has proof of membership that can be tendered in any court of law as so required; my question is:

Did Dr Stone, Mr Kabaka and other masked interviewers provided any proof of membership with the NBM of Africa?

Did they tender any legal evidence that attest to their membership with the NBM of Africa?

BBC Black Axe Documentary aimed to restrain African Freedom
BBC Black Axe Documentary aimed to restrain African Freedom

The Black Axe as a cult group is not a registered Organization and as such their members might not have legal evidence to tender to ascertain their membership; but the NBM as a registered Organization does have such prerequisites for membership. Thus, it is disheartening that the investigator due to his blindness to solicit facts, the engrossed loss of his friend to Black Axe cult group and the urge to get justice for his deceased friend has vented his pains and anger on NBM of Africa which he is not aware is a threat to the Imperialists. The investigator might be in pains which every human should feel but it is important he is not used against his own freedom fighters; the Imperialists who have set up these western corporations to foil progress of Pan African groups have successfully used the investigator unknowing to him. He might think he has gotten his pound of flesh on NBM who is a novice on the modus operandi of the invisible Black Axe Cult Group; he (the investigator) has failed to understand that this was thesame way the colonialists indirectly used our ancestors to foil militating groups in ancient Africa. I don’t blame him because he has no knowledge of what slavery was; the NBM of Africa as a Pan African organization no doubt has taught me what our ancestors encompassed in their years of slavery, sacrifices they made and how persevering they were to attain physical independence. The NBM of Africa has made me to understand that we are now in post-colonialism which is mental slavery as buttressed by Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana. The NBM of Africa has made to understand the sacredness of Africa lives and the usefulness of Africa manpower; this alone is a living attribute to abstain any deformity the BBC documentary has caused the NBM.

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The Documentary on Black Axe Cult Group is one I should have applauded immensely because it would have to a significant pace foiled incoming vibes from members of the cult group; but the inclusion of NBM of Africa in the dirty acts executed by these invisible members of the Black Axe Cult Group has made me to think otherwise.
I have now come to realize that the Documentary was not meant to X-ray facts but to foster efforts to foil and possibly exterminate the valuable existence of the NBM of Africa; this has made me to question the sincerity of the investigator and the projected journalistic efforts of the BBC. To this end, I want to reiterate that the NBM of Africa was not Black Axe, is not Black Axe and will not be Black Axe; the NBM of Africa has no business destroying lives and properties instead they have over the years advicated the safety of lives and properties as well engaged deeply in resurfacing our lost cultural heritage and integrity. Thus, the BBC Africa Eye should have thought it wise before venturing on including the NBM of Africa in the dirty acts of the Black Axe. I want to also use this medium to applaud the management of YouTube for their quick reaction to the purported plans of the BBC to tarnish the prospective image of the NBM of Africa.

The Black Axe Cult Group over the years have appeared to be faceless, invisible and scary; it has been difficult for security operatives to identify and prosecute them. This I must say that Dr Stone was right and for him to be right he must have a lead way to arresting the invisible members of the Black Axe Cult Group. It is to this end, I seek the attention of the security operatives to invite the Dr Stone for questioning to reveal the leaders of the Black Axe Cult Group and as well prosecute for the lives he accepted he has consumed as a Butcha which he acknowledged in the BBC Documentary on Black Axe. I am a Pan African and as long as I live, I will not allow the progress of Pan African Groups to be tempered with; we need full freedom for Africa and her people and this we will not relent till we achieve it.


Ancestor Kwame Nkrumah said the only way to full freedom for Africa People is the United Africa State; though he is dead, the dream still lives and will be fulfilled.



Long Live Pan Africanism

Long Live Africa Quest for Development

Long Live NBM of Africa

Long Live the United Africa State

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